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How to use lead generation and content marketing to convert prospects into customers

In our daily lives, we are immersed in constantly changing flows of information and data. Just think of our Facebook wall,[…]

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How to increase engagement through a new way of communicating: the digital transformation of users through Customer Communication Management (CCM)

How can companies intercept consumers who are increasingly connected, demanding, and distracted? It starts by changing the way we communicate by adopting a new approach that starts with the customer and not the product.[…]

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From open banking to Strong Customer Authentication: the 5 main effects of PSD2

In Italy, there are big changes coming in September.

As we’ve written about in previous articles, which you can read here and here,[…]

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Personalization and personalized videos: the frontier for Business to Employee (B2E)

What is a company’s most precious resource?

There can be many answers to this question.[…]

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Is Italy really ready to embrace digital transformation? Challenges and benefits

Digital transformation has changed everything, from how users buy, to the strategies that companies must adopt to be successful.[…]

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cos'è il guerrilla marketing

What is guerrilla marketing?

Talking about guerrilla marketing cannot be limited to a list of the main techniques used, no matter how ingenious.[…]

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How to improve Employee Experience and corporate loyalty: 5 best practices

B2E (Business to Employee) is an approach that focuses on employees. For companies, the Employee Experience reflects the quality of an employee’s overall work experience and it all starts from the HR department in the recruiting and onboarding phases where it is an increasingly decisive factor.[…]

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Toward a single payment market: how PSD2 regulation promises to reunify Europe with development of online payments

With the PSD2, the European government hopes to streamline online payment methods across the EU and in doing so, support a strategic sector for the economy.[…]

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How to create a B2E strategy and improve the Employee Experience

The first real resource of any company, perhaps the most important and valuable resource, is its employees.

Not taking this aspect into consideration could prove to be an error with fatal consequences: This is all the more true in the current environment,[…]

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What is digital transformation: 4 definitions for a revolution

“Digital transformation” is perhaps one of the most used expressions in recent years. It is often used in reference to business,[…]

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