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personalization and customization

Personalized video in Utilities: how to gain more market share with video marketing personalization and customization

In the utilities and energy sector, new markets and even more competition means that marketers have to work harder to keep customers happy and reach new customers.[…]

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online insurance

Online insurance: The seven pillars of digital marketing

Digital transformation has arrived for the online insurance industry where customers have more options than ever before and where modern communications tools have changed how and where consumers interact with providers.[…]

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digital customer experience strategy

How to keep your customers engaged: digital customer experience strategy in the Utility Industry

Companies in the utilities and energy sector are facing some unique challenges when it comes to ensuring customer loyalty—an ultimate goal given the current landscape of new competitors and new energy options.[…]

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digital marketing best practices

Video and personalization: modern digital marketing best practices

The purpose of marketing is to connect your business with current and future customers. And while there are a lot of ways to do that,[…]

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online utility services

Online utility services: the new challenges for modern marketers

Online utility services are changing fast. Traditional marketing in the utilities sector such as mail-based flyers and cold-call offers will soon be a thing of the past.[…]

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the concept of tourism marketing: the case of Club Family Hotel

How personalized videos have changed the concept of tourism marketing: the case of Club Family Hotel

The increasing digitization of the hotel industry is changing the concept of tourism marketing. The hotel chain Club Family Hotel is embracing these changes and,[…]

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online video marketing strategy

How Personalized videos are changing the world of online video marketing strategy

How is personalized content changing the world of online video marketing strategy? We’re part of this revolution with our Doxee PVideo®.[…]

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insurance marketing strategies

Personalized videos in insurance marketing strategies: future or reality?

Insurance companies are investing time and money in insurance marketing strategies to acquire new customers, retain existing customers, and encourage them to renew their policies.[…]

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Power of video marketing

The power of video marketing: some facts to etch in stone

The power of video marketing today is widely recognized. This tool could be made even more powerful with personalization through Doxee Pvideo®.[…]

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From text to speech to personalized video

Is it live or is it…? From text to speech to Personalized Video

In one of the most memorable commercials of the ‘70s, Ella Fitzgerald famously asked: “Is it Live or is it Memorex®”[…]

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