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City of Ancona and Doxee deliver right touches to collect refuse tax

With its 2,400 years of history, Ancona is a fascinating city in central Italy overlooking the warm and calm Adriatic Sea.[…]

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The three marketing buzzwords of the month

Every year, the world’s dictionaries publish new words. In the last year alone, the Oxford Dictionary added over 1500 entries in its latest update.  […]

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Five parameters to identify the perfect length of your video

Think about it: even before clicking on a video, you check its length. Then, you decide if it’s worth watching.[…]

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6 reasons why animated marketing videos are your ticket to success

According to the numbers, the use of the digital video format is growing exponentially. Recent Facebook research shows that users prefer watching videos rather than static content on Facebook and Instagram with a ratio of five to one.[…]

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With Video, Hearing is Believing

Do videos need to be heard to break through? The newest data sounds like they do.


With mobile connectivity and data transmission speeds growing faster and becoming less expensive (the 5G is behind the corner),[…]

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Video is no longer a spectator sport

When it comes to video consumption, our habits have profoundly changed in the last four decades. The quality and type of content have changed.[…]

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How Customer Experience Translates to LTV

Customer expectations have risen consistently in recent years to unprecedented levels, with major implications for companies of all kinds. Arguably the biggest development is the need to reach out to and engage with users through a wide range of channels and for the entire duration of the customer journey and lifecycle.[…]

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The unique benefits of native-cloud CCM and CX

Around the world, enterprises are heading to the cloud. The global cloud computing market is on pace to reach $270 billion by the end of the decade,[…]

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Customer experience evolved: Introducing Cloud C²X from Doxee

For companies across countless sectors, the essence of competition in today’s markets boils down to the customer experience.[…]

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Forrester Research: CCM Vendors ‘Evolving’

Forrester Research is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities when it comes to technology and market research.[…]

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