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Coca Cola, Amazon, Starbucks. Here is why marketing can’t do without personalization.

In the beginning, there was Coke. Six years ago, the soda colossus from Atlanta launched a campaign that is already a classic case study: Personalized cans,[…]

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With GDPR, the EU privacy regulations will enter a new era: Are you ready for it?

There’s a date: 25 May 2018. There’s an acronym: GDPR, which means General Data Protection Regulation. […]

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Here is why personalization beats virality 3 to 0

In our time, in which social media are our bread and butter, a very common dream among communication and marketing professionals is virality,[…]

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Doxee affirms and expands ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. Here’s why we’re proud of it.

Usually we try hard to tell you interesting and original stories. In the last episodes of our blog, we spoke about personalized videos and politics,[…]

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From the early TV debates to the digital era: what is the role of videos in politics?

Politics, by definition, is the art of governing.

And when – luckily! – the government is democratic, politics inevitably intertwines with terms such as persuasion,[…]

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What if your next financial advisor was an avatar?

Well, if your bank was the Italian CREDEM, it just might be the case. But wait –[…]

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Gartner’s three-step guide to enrich customer communications with personalization

Gartner, the renown American research and advisory firm providing information technology related insight for IT and other business leaders located across the world,[…]

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Our most popular stories in 2017

Well, another year has gone by. Many things happened on our planet in the past 365 days. Some were awesome,[…]

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The three marketing buzzwords of December

Every year, the world’s dictionaries publish new words. Last year alone, the Oxford Dictionary added over 1500 entries in its latest update.[…]

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When was cloud computing born?

You are in Sydney. You take a picture of the Opera House, with the ocean in the background. You like the shot,[…]

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