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benefits of regtech

5 benefits of RegTech in transforming compliance into growth opportunities

Digital transformation, among other things, has opened financial sector companies up to opportunities for growth and expansion that  were unthinkable until a few years ago.[…]

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healthcare sector

HealthCare: characteristics and evolutions of a healthy sector

When we talk about healthcare, we have to make a premise: this term does not refer only to the hospital sector.[…]

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cloud computing in utilities industry

The importance of Cloud Computing for the Utility Industry

Switching to Cloud Computing means, first and foremost, exponentially increasing computing power and storage space. This is accompanied by a significant reduction in costs.[…]

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Inbound marketing before Inbound marketing

The maxim “How they sell is how they win,” which Hubspot co-founder and CEO Brian Halligan repeated during his speech at the company’s 2019 corporate convention,[…]

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regtech compliance solutions

The right RegTech for perfect compliance: when regulation meets innovation

Corporate compliance is not just compliance with rules. Today, it’s an important component of brand reputation and a key factor in corporate conduct.[…]

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the cloud computing in insurance

The Impact of Cloud Computing on the Insurance Industry

Cloud computing is having a huge impact on the insurance industry, with benefits for internal processes, new customer acquisition,[…]

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b2b automotive marketing

B2B marketing in the automotive sector: why it matters and how to strengthen it

Automotive is a large sector that has long been strategic for the world economy.

Today, however, it is undergoing a phase of great change,[…]

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what is inbound marketing

What Inbound Marketing is and where it’s going: Outbound and other disruptors

What is Inbound Marketing? At an operational level, inbound marketing is about creating high-quality content,[…]

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cloud computing trends

Cloud Computing – 7 new trends for the future

In the business world, there are few technologies that have had a greater impact than Cloud Computing.

According to a 2018 study by Gartner,[…]

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what is regtech

What is RegTech? Everything you need to know about it

In the course of its operations, there are many aspects that a company must take into account to maintain a successful business.[…]

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