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Personalized video KPI and variable data in modern video marketing

I recall a symposium that I was giving on 1-to-1 marketing in Dallas to marketing executives from the Southwest. I asked them this question: “How many attributes [great definition here] can you identify in a customer where you are absolutely sure that if you make them variable – and extremely relevant to them – versus static – guarantees you an improved ROI on your campaign?  […]

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Many to One Video Arrives: the new wave of Personalized Video Marketing

It was a significant development in the history of graphic communications and it immediately changed the way marketers create, produce,[…]

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Augmented reality, is it a big change?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the next big thing. But are they really?

In the marketing world — and everywhere else, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are all people talk about these days.[…]

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Fastweb entrusts Doxee with the dematerialization of business processes and the customer communication management


With 2.4 million customers, Fastweb is a major Italian telecommunications operator.[…]

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Storytelling: the most modern, ancient marketing tool

Humans might have become different, more complex animals right at the moment when they started telling stories.

At one point,[…]

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Doxee cited as “excellent” for end-to-end CCM in Aspire Leaderboard Study

The 2018 Aspire Leaderboard has just been released and Doxee is proud to have been noted as “an excellent choice” for their scalable,[…]

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Bell Labs: where the technology turns into present

Bell Labs: the place where the present was born and the future as invented

There is a place on this planet where – year after year – the future is invented and transformed into the present.[…]

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When marketing videos fail: five of the worst

We have told you many interesting stories on how videos can be impactful and effective-not only in marketing,[…]

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Synthetic voices: a brief history (to help your marketing strategy)

Imagine a machine that can talk just like a human being, understanding our questions, and replying with meaningful information. Until not too long ago,[…]

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Doxee personalized video propels Italian citizen’s ID renewal

The first ID in history was a clay tablet, on which the owner’s personal details – name, place and date of birth,[…]

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