Doxee Booster: Marketing Automation

Doxee Booster is the marketing automation option that enhances and enriches your communications through the use of automated workflows.

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Doxee Booster: Marketing Automation

Doxee Booster: Boost your communications with marketing automation

Your customers are immersed daily in an incessant flow of content and communications that is often chaotic, redundant, and intrusive. Capturing their attention has therefore become a complex challenge, one that makes them more and more demanding, more selective, and less inclined to listen.

To support the development of your business in this modern scenario, we have a solution: it’s Doxee Booster, the new marketing automation option that enhances and enriches the initiatives carried out with other products from the Doxee suite to help companies more effectively manage their relationships with current and potential customers.

Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb® help companies create personalized and interactive experiences that support building valuable relationships based on data throughout the customer journey.

With Doxee Booster you can now take the next step. By activating this new option, you can extend the functionality of the Doxee Platform® by implementing marketing automation campaigns for the optimized delivery of your communications.

Doxee booster isn’t limited to email marketing automation, but also automates SMS, mobile push, and web notifications. Doxee Booster is equipped with a complete set of marketing automation features that can significantly impact the final results of your initiatives. For example, it can identify the contacts who are interested in what you have to say through lead qualification processes, dynamically segment customers based on their interests, and build workflows that trigger automatic actions depending on the actions performed.

This offers a real enhancement that is applicable both to transactional use cases such as smart invoices and digital credit recovery, but also to constantly expanding processes such as lead generation and lead nurturing, as well as the phases of onboarding, upselling, cross-selling, and loyalty.

Doxee Booster is an additional tool that is designed to help you enhance the value of your initiatives carried out with Doxee personalized communications.

Lead qualification and lead scoring

Doxee Booster implements lead qualification processes thanks to automations that assign a “score” to current or potential customers in order to measure their level of interest so that you can better target your initiatives. After sending multichannel communications, the system can assign a differentiated score to each contact based on the actions performed (opening an email, viewing a video, clicking on a call-to-action, etc.), thus obtaining qualified, more involved, and receptive contacts.

Lead qualification e lead scoring

Dynamic and intelligent segmentation

Doxee Booster makes it possible to dynamically segment customers into homogeneous groups based on metrics such as interests, behaviors, age, geography, and more. Doing so will enable targeted initiatives for each group, which will have a greater impact on the bottom line. The use of AI through machine learning techniques also makes it possible to identify meaningful clusters independently and more efficiently.

Automated Workflows

Doxee Booster optimally manages the entire marketing automation strategy through automated workflows with rules and triggers. This makes it possible to plan the actions to be taken according to customer behavior in advance: for example, setting up automatic mailings in case the first communication is not read, differentiating subsequent mailings according to the call-to-action clicked, and initiating an optimized lead nurturing process. Each action taken increases the value offered to the customer and triggers subsequent actions, improving the effectiveness and go-to-market of all initiatives.

Workflow automatizzati

Marketing automation increases the effectiveness of your initiatives and reduces conversion costs

Doxee Booster’s marketing automation features bring real benefits to your business with a positive impact on the final results of your initiatives. First and foremost, you’ll optimize the acquisition cost of new customers through lead generation and lead nurturing based on qualification. Because you’ll be able to intercept your customers’ real interests, you’ll also see an increase in the loyalty of current customers, with reduced churn rate and higher conversion rate.

You’ll increase the revenue generated from each customer through more effective initiatives and optimized execution of upselling and cross-selling, reminder and renewal management, and billing. You’ll be able to get accurate ROI analysis, thanks to tracking activities that attribute conversions to individual channels. You will have access to an ecosystem that allows you to combine automation, personalization, and interaction for innovative and efficient management of your communications throughout the customer journey.

Native integration and interaction tracking

The effectiveness of Doxee Booster can be extended through integration with a variety of native touchpoints including the website, mobile apps, social media, and reserved areas. This integration also allows you to track the activities of each contact and store them in one place across all connected touchpoints.

Advanced Analytics

Thanks to the multiple views for visualizing your data, Doxee Booster allows you to form an increasingly well-defined profile of your customer, their needs, and their expectations at each step of the funnel. Tracking activities also allow you to attribute conversions to the individual channels used, making it possible to accurately monitor the actual ROI.

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