Certification by the numbers 

In 2017 alone, Doxee produced and sent more than 500 million documents for some of the largest Italian companies, digitized over 80 million pages in its AgID-certified archival storage system, and managed 10% of all electronic invoices sent to the Public Administration. These important numbers make Doxee an Italian leader in the management of the full life cycle of tax documents. The Standard Digital Storage service is AgID certified and Doxee is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified to guarantee the highest level of service.

With Doxee, an obligation becomes an opportunity

Electronic invoicing, both to the Public Administration and to private individuals, is at the heart of Doxee Paperless Experience, a set of services enabled by our Dematerialization Competency Center to accompany you on your digitization journey. With Paperless Experience, we help you transform a legal obligation into a concrete opportunity to reach your digital transformation goals faster. Being digital is not just about eliminating paper, it’s about considering digital as the most effective vehicle for transferring value both to customers and within each organization.

Because dematerialization doesn’t mean stopping communicating

In markets like Telecommunications, Energy, and Media, invoicing is often one of the few, if not the only, moments of contact with customers. Electronic invoicing risks being the beginning of the end, and invoicing risks can become the only and final channel of communication with the customer. But dematerializing doesn’t mean to stop communicating. Doxee is the only provider able to combine Paperless Experience services with the Document Experience services for the production of paper and digital documents, and Interactive Experience services, for interactive and personalized communication.

Digital invoicing for large volumes

Integrated services and expertise are the pillars of our offer, able to/ which allow you to:

  • Fully manage the relationship with the Sdl Exchange System through a proprietary platform born in the cloud that is designed specifically for managing high volume electronic invoicing. The service integrates PA/PR Electronic Invoicing and Digital Conservation with the production and multi-channel issue of paper, digital, and interactive communications.
  • Support your digitization process through our Digital Competency Center, specialized in consulting, training services, assessments for compliance with current legislation, and auditing.

Compliant digital archiving

A single platform to ensure greater quality, timeliness, efficiency, security, legal, and evidential value in document processes. Doxee LEA – Legal Electronic Archiving is an ISO 27001 and AgID certified IT document retention service that maintains the highest level of requirements in terms of quality and security. Doxee LEA complies with EU and Italian regulations, in particular the international standard ISO 14721:2012 (Open Archival Information System – OAIS) and the technical rules for preservation as per DPCM 3 December 2013, implementing the Digital Administration Code (CAD).

Electronic invoicing in the PEPPOL European format

Doxee PEPPOL is a service for sorting tax documents (invoices) compatible with the OpenPEPPOL standard and accredited for the transmission of documents to Italian public administrations, such as Emilia Romagna region, that have made invoicing mandatory through this standard. The service is fully integrated with the multi-channel distribution system of Doxee dX – Document Experience – and allows the production of XML documents in UBL format with the specific extensions for Italy, the digital preservation of documents and receipts from the PEPPOL Access Point in accordance with standards and monitoring as with any other channel produced by Doxee services.

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