paperless experience

Doxee Paperless Experience (pX) is the product line dedicated to the needs of dematerialization and simplification of business processes related to Italian and European compliance for taxes and documentation. pX products Standard Digital Storage and Electronic Invoicing are delivered in Cloud mode (SaaS) and ensure security, scalability, and performance in terms of high volumes managed. pX Products can be easily integrated into any application, such as management software, thanks to API connectors, ensuring a very short time-to-market and continuous updating for implementation and technical specifications.

paperless experience

Empowering the Digital Tranformation

The continuous evolution of regulations for digital taxation and long-term archiving, the complexity of technical requirements, and ongoing changes are a challenge for all Italian and European organizations, as they require constant review and updating of internal skills. This is the challenge of RegTech.  RegT ch is not only a regulatory obligation, it is also a lever for technology evolution, as it stimulates the simplification of the application map, the adoption of new services, and the streamlining of internal procedures. In this scenario, regulatory compliance is an opportunity to digitize the organization and make it more agile and efficient. This reduces the economic impact of processes related to document and tax management and, at the same time, facilitates interactions between company and customers, which can have a positive impact on the customer experience.   

Doxee pX (Paperless Experience) offers organizations complete coverage for digital processes related to taxes and documents, allowing creation of complex processes that are perfectly integrated with the tools and procedures already in place. This forms a complete set of tools that are adapted to the RegTech scenario and are able to accelerate business digitization processes.  The pX products—Electronic Invoicing, Standard Digital Storage and Electronic Ordering are designed and continuously updated to ensure constant compliance with Italian and European tax and documentation regulations. All products are supplied as services managed directly by Doxee, which uses state-of-the art technological tools, qualified specialists, and accredited procedures to guarantee a high quality, reliable service.

Electronic invoicing

Electronic Invoicing covers the entire process necessary to enter and receive invoices in XML format, through the Exchange System, including receipts and monitoring.  

Electronic Invoicing allows invoices to be sent (active cycle management) to consumers, private companies, and public administrations in full compliance with Italian and European technical regulations. Electronic Invoicing can manage invoice receipt (passive cycle management) from private parties. In combination with Standard Digital Storage, Electronic Invoicing allows the complete management of invoicing processes (active and passive cycle) in a completely transparent and automatic way. Electronic Invoicing ensures compliance with regulatory constraints on small and large volumes, and provides for the creation, issue, and recording of invoices in XML format and the input to the SDI interchange system, managing the results and waste and monitoring for the billing process, both for the active and passive cycle. Electronic Invoicing is available in the cloud and does not require capital investments and nor additional application management costs. Since the inception of the standard in 2014, Doxee has constantly followed its evolution with highly specialized personnel and continuous technological evolution to provide a product that now allows the main Italian billing companies to manage compliance requirements without having to adapt their systems nor equip themselves with dedicated experts. 

Empowering the Digital Tranformation

In combination with dX (Document Experience) and iX (Interactive Experience) products, Doxee provides customers the ability to manage multi-channel document production processes and customer experience optimization processes starting from the same System of Records, facilitating the integration and activation of new channels. Service flexibility and interoperability is made possible by Doxee’s cloud platform, which is designed for scalability and security.

The cloud model facilitates access to the service by reducing activation times, even for complex processes, and offers a pricing model that is progressive and aligned with the needs of each organization. This and much more makes Doxee a leading operator in the country, one who is recognized by industry associations and accredited by the AgID Conservator.

Conservazione Digitale a Norma

Digital archiving

Standardized Digital Archiving, optimized for tax and employment documents, ensures the protection of digital documents and facilitates their manual or automatic retrieval.

Now safe: Doxee’s Standard Digital Storage is the AgID-accredited product for long-term digital storage of all types of documents. The product can be easily integrated with company IT systems and other Doxee products (Document Experience and Interactive Experience). Compliant Digital Conservation offers a flexible model for conferring, archiving, and recurring verification of archived documents, as well as extraction and notification at the end of the validity period. Doxee’s Compliant Digital Storage allows for the provision of standard structure Deposit Packs (also from other storage systems) or the simple transmission of data that must be converted into documents, digitally signed, then archived. All phases of data processing are transparent and can be monitored through a web portal. Documents may be extracted via API or in “package” mode, suitable for the extraction of large volumes (for example, an entire fiscal year). All controls required by tax and employment regulations (e.g. continuity checks) are integrated into the service, and each document is time stamped. 

Electronic ordering

Electronic Ordering is ready to exchange simplepre-agreed, and complete orders through Italian and European standards. The three services are fully integrated and can be combined for complete coverage of digital needs.  

Electronic Ordering is the Doxee product that allows the digital transmission of purchase orders through the Nodo Smistamento Ordini (NSO) platform, the next step in the process of digitizing the order-invoice cycle, in which Italy is a pioneer in Europe. Doxee’s Electronic Ordering service, in full compliance with the technical rules in force, offers companies the ability to perform a range of transactions (simple, pre-arranged or complete) for the provision of goods or services. The service allows the sorting of orders already in UBL format or the conversion of data from other formats to generate compatible orders. For pre-arranged and complete transactions, the service performs syntactical and semantic verification to ensure proper sorting. In combination with other pX products, Electronic Ordering provides a full service for the digital order-invoice cycle, thanks to a single operator that facilitates integration and day-to-day interaction, guaranteeing extremely high levels of service.

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