Doxee is AgID Accredited and ISO 27001 Compliant

Doxee LEA – Legal Electronic Archiving: an IT document storage service that is both AgID- and ISO 27001-certified and who recognizes the highest level of quality and security requirements. Doxee LEA is compliant with EU and Italian regulations and with the international ISO 14721:2012 (Open Archival Information System – OAIS) standard and the technical rules of the preservation system as per DPCM 3 December 2013 through the Digital Administration Code (CAD).

Doxee LEA – Legal Electronic Archiving: A single platform ensures the security of your documents

Increased quality, timeliness, efficiency, security, legal and evidential value in document processes.

The advantages of the Doxee LEA preservation service are:

  • Market leadership: more than 1 billion documents stored, more than 400 legal entities managed, 5,500 document classes determined as compliant with current and developing legislation, including sector-specific legislation (civil, labour, banking, insurance, health, logistics, administrative)
  • multi-legal entity and maximum confidentiality and protection of archives, with different authorizations and access profiling for  multiple companies and document classes
  • technology asset that meets physical and digital security requirements and enterprise needs: parallel production, high volume and peak management, stringent SLAs, high availability, business-continuity, backup and disaster recovery
  • integration with automatic and/or remote signature systems with high availability HSM. Integration with Italian and European TSAs. Legal validity checks for certificates. Registration Authority activities for digital signature holders and use of automatic massive signature systems (HSM) compliant with CAD.
advantages of dematerialization in public administration

Compliant Digital Archiving for all needs

Doxee is able to handle different types of documents:

  • Fiscal and tax documentation: invoices, payables and receivables, receivable and payable transport documents, orders, accounting records, auxiliary records, balance sheet, 770 declarations, CUD, F24, ticketless, etc.
  • Administrative procedural documentation: deeds, resolutions, decisions, circulars, etc.
  • Civil documentation: forms, payment notices, letters, invitations, communications, reminders, purchase orders, contracts, account statements, correspondence, PEC mail receipts, logs, etc
  • Bank documentation: Accounting (payment and withdrawal slips), contracts, guaranteed credit documents, etc.
  • Insurance documentation: life and non-life insurance registers, insurance policies and other supporting documents.
  • Customs documentation: customs stamps, electronic files for telematic import and export declarations.
  • Expense Notes: documentation of travel expenses, receipts, summaries

Doxee Paperless Competency Center Support 

Doxee’s Competency Center for Digitization, Dematerialization, Electronic Billing and Digital Archiving Services is a key differentiator in the Doxee Paperless Experience offering. For a decade, the Doxee Competency Center is a national supplier, partner, and consultant specialized in regulation, training, and auditing and with competency in multiple markets, areas of application, and regulatory contexts. 

The consulting services offered by the Competency Center are provided in collaboration with other Doxee services and are defined in the following areas:

  • preliminary analysis and feasibility studies of digitization and dematerialization processes
  • assessment and auditing of the existing digital archival system in accordance with the law
  • support for legislative and contractual obligations, appointments, and proxies
  • support for the preparation of appeals to the competent authorities and drafting of formal opinions
  • training and support services to support the Conservation Manager
  • assistance in for checks and inspections and for the issue of authentic notary documents from accounting documents;
  • support for substitution transfer processes
  • support for migration processes

Doxee Peppol

Doxee PEPPOL is a service for sorting tax documents (invoices)  that is compatible with the OpenPEPPOL standard and accredited for the transmission of documents to Italian public administrations, Emilia Romagna region, that have made such billing mandatory. The service is fully integrated with the Doxee dX – Document Experience multi-channel distribution system and allows the production of XML documents in UBL format with the specific extensions required for Italy, the digital preservation of documents and receipts from the PEPPOL Access Point in accordance with standards, and the monitoring of any other channel produced by Doxee services.

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