Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature is the Doxee product dedicated to signature solutions that allow you to sign documents and fully digitize the process of acquiring signatures on customer and supplier contracts.

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Electronic Signature

Compliance, reliability, and efficiency: Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature is the product designed by Doxee to digitilize signature processes. Electronic Signature includes different signature solutions, which will allow you to revolutionize the relationship with your customers, suppliers, and partners, making the process of signing contracts easier and faster and ensuring the proper legal value of documents signed in this way. Electronic Signature allows you to choose between several signature solutions that are able to meet a variety of needs. Our solutions will allow you not only to revise and streamline your signature processes, but to do so with high reliability and regulatory compliance. Finalizing your documents and contracts has never been easier.

Electronic Signature is easily integrated with Doxee px, ix, and dx products. In addition, with Doxee  Legal Electronic  Archiving, your documents can easily be sent for long-term digital preservation once signed, ensuring their immutability and integrity over time. Electronic Signature allows you to create complete digital onboarding processes, combining regulatory compliance with a high-level customer and user experience.

Doxee Electronic Signature

Simple Electronic Signature

Thanks to the Simple Electronic Signature (SES), you will be able to provide customers and suppliers with an extremely agile solution that will allow you to digitize the process of signature acquisition using a simple point & click solution. The integration with OTP (One Time Password) processes allows the Simple Electronic Signature to achieve a higher degree of robustness, ensuring its integrity.

 Advanced Electronic Signature

Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) is the Doxee solution that offers you high standards of security and reliability that reflects the highest regulatory standards. Advanced Electronic Signature allows you to identify the signer, collect consent, and share process documentation. These elements complete the point&click and OTP functionalities, allowing you to perfect the acquisition of documents and contracts signed by customers and suppliers and ensuring their legal value.

Doxee firma elettronica avanzata
Doxee evidence package

Evidence Package

The Evidence Package completes and strengthens the Simple and Advanced Electronic Signature solution. Thanks to the Evidence Package, all the events that characterize the signature process are documented in detail, guaranteeing full traceability. Each action is recorded and associated with a time reference, from the moment the document is prepared for signature, until it is signed. The Evidence Package is associated with each signed document, thus offering maximum transparency.

Qualified Electronic Signature and Digital Signature

In some cases, the law requires that certain documents are signed with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) or Digital Signature solution. To meet this requirement, Doxee provides a Digital Signature solution based on the use of cryptographic keys and a qualified certificate that provide your documents with the highest degree of security, immutability, and integrity required by the law. In addition, thanks to the Massive Remote Signature solution, you can automatically sign large quantities of documents through an automated, efficient, and fast process.

Doxee qualified electronic signature and digital signature
Doxee time marking

Time Reference and Time Marking

Electronic Signature solutions make it possible to apply a certain Time Reference to your documents. Thanks to the use of Blockchain technology you are able to crystallize your documents by affixing a certain time and date, or through a time stamp, guaranteeing compliance with Italian and European regulations.

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Competency Center

For more than a decade, the Doxee Paperless Competency Center has been one of the most authoritative centers of knowledge on regulatory and technological issues at the national level regarding dematerialization, electronic invoicing, storage, and digitization of processes. The Doxee Competency Center actively participates in important research panels, technical-scientific commissions, and national and international working groups defining guidelines. Through its Competency Center, Doxee also performs roles and functions as a Registration Authority.

Monitoring and Analytics

Electronic Signature includes the possibility to access monitoring and reporting tools, which allow you to control the progress and outcome of signature processes, in detail. By tracking the steps and events that occur during the signature process, this helps strengthen the document’s legal value in front of third parties.

Simple Integration

Electronic Signature can be easily integrated with existing business processes. Thanks to the implementation of appropriate APIs, signature processes can be implemented quickly and easily and can complement more complex and structured onboarding processes.

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Electronic Signature