The Utilities sector is no stranger to the digital revolution, where the challenges are both more demanding, but also full of opportunity. Learn how the most innovative companies in the industry have embarked on the path of digitization to meet new challenges and offer their customers more advanced services.

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The challenge of digitization in the Utilities sector

Until a few years ago, utilities companies based their competitive strategy on providing services at increasingly low prices, ensuring greater security, continuity, and reliability, as well as progressive ease of access and use for the end user, traditionally considered a rather passive player. Today, the Utilities are at a radical turning point, and this strategy is no longer enough. The focus has radically shifted to important issues such as sustainability, responsibility towards the environment, transparency, attention to the individual customer, and digitization. Companies in this sector must implement a radical change of strategy, starting with a new digital culture and an understanding of its dynamics. In this context, digital technologies are able to provide Utilities with tools to respond to new

market needs and to interact with individual customers in the most effective way possible, where they are considered an active player involved in the actions and communications of the company itself. Today’s customers need integrated, innovative, and simple solutions that make it easier to use the service itself and companies that put it at the center of activities and communications. This is why it is essential to start with communication and create tailor-made messages, addressing the customer by name, bearing in mind its history and characteristics. To offer, therefore, the best customer care possible: personalized customer care. In this way, it is possible to achieve the best results in terms of engagement and loyalty and significantly reduce customer churn.

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New Digital Marketing strategies in the Utility sector

The Iren case

Iren defines itself as a multiutility that looks to the future, which does so by adopting an innovative method of communication to promote a series of services called “New Downstream,” such as the LED lighting kit or the intelligent thermostat. Discover how Iren has innovated its communication to bring increased quality and attention to the needs of customers and citizens.

We have chosen Doxee and the interactive and personalized videos to better involve our customers in the most important moments of a relationship of trust

Lorenzo Sessa - Marketing Director and Head of New Products Sales, Iren Luce Gas and Services