Discover how the Public Administration is riding the wave of digital transformation to establish strong relationships with citizens, involving them in decision-making processes and offering them effective digital services.

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Technology and new models of communication at the service of the citizen

The digital revolution is changing the way we communicate in all industries, offering new communication models supported by innovative technologies. In this context, Local and Central Public Administrations have an invaluable opportunity for change by offering an effective and engaging Digital Customer Experience, and at the same time, to make citizen communication processes efficient and measurable. Doxee Interactive Experience iX products are the ideal tool for designing and managing digital touchpoints, thus covering the customer journey of citizens: from the offer of personalized information on services related to the city in which they live,

to the simplicity for the payment of taxes, rapid request for documents or permits, to the educational and training path for children. Doxee has solid experience in this area and has worked with many local and central government authorities in Italy who have decided to put the citizen at the center of their digitization process. Thanks to the technological excellence that makes the Doxee Interactive Experience iX product line unique, many public administrations have  been able to communicate with millions of citizens in an innovative way, involving citizens in the communication process and demonstrating their commitment to improving the experience of digital citizens.

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PA communication in the digital age

Challenges and opportunities for the Italian Public Administration

City of Cesena: The digital revolution and the relationship with citizens

The digitalization of citizen based communication processes is an opportunity for Local and Central Administrations, who, through technology can finally offer a simple and engaging digitally interactive experience. In this context, the City of Cesena has distinguished itself as a leader in offering advanced digital communications and experiences to citizens. Discover how the City of Cesena designed the citizen digital experience.

The personalized video Tari, developed in collaboration with Doxee, conveys detailed information and informs taxpayers in a simple and personalized way

Alessandro Francioni - Manager, City of Cesena

Taxpayers' money must be sacred

Luigi Einaudi

The Campania Region and the digital management of outstanding receivables

When it comes to government taxes, outstanding bills and non-collection of their payment, pose a threat to local government budgets. Communication between local authorities and citizens plays an important role for ensuring payment. Doxee Interactive Experience iX products are the right tool to address this very common situation, offering a simple solution: communicate in a simple and highly personalized way with citizens, giving him the option to pay directly from the video as part of the narrative story within. It’s a simple and immediate way to regulate the process, allowing citizens to avoid going to local government offices. This offers citizens a positive experience in their relationship with local government. Discover how the Campania Region has adopted Doxee iX products to digitally manage outstanding payment processes and develop a better relationship with taxpayers.