Digital debt management for the Campania Region

Every year, Italian local authorities must confront a high rate of outstanding payments, mainly related to taxes. The Campania Region, Italy’s third largest region in terms of population, is no exception. Defaults have a doubly negative effect on

Administration budgets as a result of missed revenue, collection costs, and tensions between the taxpayer and the Administration. 

Communicating with the citizen, in a simple way

Often, unpaid debts are the result of  communication problems between the taxpayer and the Administration. For this reason, the Campania Region has defined a communication strategy aimed at achieving a strong relationship with the taxpayer, offering simple and immediate payment methods accompanied by clear and transparent information on the taxes to be paid, on how the institution uses the revenue received, and the impact of these investments on the community.  

The process of collecting unpaid taxes of the Campania Region involves two steps: sending an initial reminder email, followed by a subsequent reminder, only in the case of non payment. This last step was entrusted by public tender to Municipia Spa, who chose Doxee to create the video reminder, which exploits the full potential of the Doxee Pvideo® technology.

Doxee Pvideo® support for managing outstanding payments

Doxee’s Pvideo® technology immediately proved to be the ideal solution thanks to its interactive features and highly personalized content. The personalized video content was created as part of a creative strategy aimed at facilitating simple resolution of outstanding payments with citizens. In addition, it was designed to position the Region as attentive to the needs of citizens and proactive in supporting those needs in a simple and fast way, thanks to the payment function available directly in the personalized video. 

The content of the Doxee Pvideo® used is highly personalized based on the data of each recipient such as name, amount due, discounts and rebates, as well as resulting penalties in the event of non payment. In addition to immediate payment via a gateway, the video created by Doxee for the Campania Region allows recipients to take action immediately and directly from the video for payment, access to the nearest local office, or direct access to the toll-free number. 

Doxee Pvideo® has proven to be the right tool for quickly reducing outstanding accounts while improving the relationship between the institution and citizens.

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Digital debt management for the Campania Region

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