The digitization of the citizen’s journey: The City of Cesena and TARI collection

Technological progress, linked to the internet and the emergence of digital technologies, has radically changed the way we interact, the channels of communication that we use, and especially our expectations when we interact with a company, whether public or private. In this scenario, public administrations are faced with a great challenge: to communicate effectively with citizens, to involve them, to offer them a valuable experience that meets the expectations of today’s digital citizen, who is already accustomed to a completely digital relationship with many large companies.

Thanks to Doxee’s products, this challenge can easily become an opportunity to build solid relationships with citizens, offering useful information and simple but practical interactions, facilitating access to public services and encouraging tax compliance. In this context, the City of Cesena has distinguished itself for having implemented an state-of-the-art digital agenda, adopting innovative digital systems, simplifying communication processes through the use of digital channels, improving and simplifying the interaction with citizens.

TARI and digital collection

The commitment of the City of Cesena to innovate relations with citizens has resulted in an important experience. The City is progressively digitizing several touchpoints, with the intention of covering the entire journey of each citizen, accompanying him in his discovery of and access to the services offered, in the fulfilment of tax obligations and for the management of deeds and documents.

Doxee Pvideo®

One of the elements of the strategy employed is the use of video for collection of the TARI tax. Video, using Doxee Pvideo®, is used to welcome new citizens and to communicate the electronic identity card renewal.

Using the personalization features of Doxee Pvideo®, the TARI video is emailed to the citizen through address registered with the City. The video uses data specific to the citizen and his property to explain in detail how the tax is calculated and how the revenue produced is used. The video uses the interactive features of Doxee Pvideo® to provide calls-to-action that offer access to services, such as for updating property data or payment information. 

Doxee Pvideo® helps the City of Cesena communicate with its citizens and helps simplify their daily experience of interaction with the City.

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The City of Cesena and TARI collection

The digitization of the citizen's journey

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