In recent years, digitalization in the utility sector has revolutionized business and operational models, particularly impacting the integrated and digital billing cycle. Projections indicate that global IT spending for utilities will steadily increase, emphasizing the need for these organizations to digitize complex processes and enhance customer interactions.

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Digital Platforms and Process Automation

To address these challenges, utility companies are focusing on platforms that facilitate data integration and process automation. By using personalized communications that target actual customer needs, companies are able to manage resources more efficiently, respond better to changes in demand, and provide optimized customer service. Today, utilities are leveraging modern technologies such as Data Lakes, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), advanced Customer Communication Management platforms, and Customer Experience Management platforms. These technologies enable utilities to make proactive and well-informed decisions by effectively utilizing their information.

Optimizing the Digital Billing Cycle and Soft Collection for Credit Recovery

A key element of digitalization in the utility sector is optimizing the billing cycle. Automating the billing process not only minimizes errors and operational costs, but also improves transparency and communication with customers, essential elements for increasing retention and satisfaction.

A recent Unirec study on the state of Credit Management in Italy found that 37% of credit recovery cases came from the utility sector. This data demonstrates the growing importance of soft collection strategies, which utilize less invasive and more customer-oriented methods to manage payment delays. By using advanced Customer Communication Management platforms, utilities can quickly identify at-risk customers and intervene with flexible and personalized payment solutions. This approach not only facilitates credit recovery but also strengthens relationships with customers, promoting trust and loyalty.

An Innovative Approach: The Doxee Platform in Credit Recovery

For utility companies, efficient credit recovery is crucial for financial sustainability and customer satisfaction. The Doxee Platform stands out as a cutting-edge solution that centralizes communication and payment management, facilitating faster and more effective interactions with customers.

Digital Transformation in Credit Recovery with Doxee

The Doxee Platform® unifies the billing and payment process into a cohesive system that manages everything—from PDFs and Electronic Invoicing to Digital Bills that encourage customers to activate digital and recurring payments, to the management of Soft Collection or certified communication solutions like SERC. This integration not only simplifies the payment process for customers but also incorporates digital payment options directly into invoices, increasing the likelihood of timely payments through reminders and automatic payment buttons.

Doxee is thus redefining the credit recovery process through complete digitalization, which not only improves process efficiency but also optimizes payment flows and significantly reduces operational costs. The Doxee Platform® leverages advanced technology to boost payments by 12-17%. This remarkable result demonstrates the great potential of digital solutions for utility companies.

Microsites and Personalized Videos: A Touch of Personalization

A distinctive feature of the Doxee Platform® is the ability to create microsites and personalized videos for each customer. These tools, Pvideo® and Pweb®, are more than just a means for sending targeted and relevant messages to customers. They also play a crucial role in increasing conversion rates during the soft collection phases and for integrating digital payment systems.

How to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

The innovative approach of the Doxee Platform® not only enhances the customer experience but also reduces the costs associated with managing more difficult credit situations. With tools that allow for less invasive and more customer-oriented debt negotiation, the platform minimizes the need for more aggressive and costly interventions, known as hard collection. This reduction in workload and costs is essential for utilities that want to maintain a healthy balance sheet while improving relationships with customers.


The Doxee Platform® is more than a tool for operational efficiency; it is a strategic ally in the utility sector. It demonstrates how technology can transform credit recovery challenges into opportunities for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

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