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The Doxee Partner Network

Our strategy for Customer Communications Management solutions and services is based on building a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. We work with leading sales and support organizations that share our dedication to constant innovation and customer success. Our partners market, sell, and

support Doxee’s cloud solutions locally in both vertical and geographic markets. Doxee works for the success of its partners, offering effective support for their development, training, and technologies and without being a competitor in their territories or vertical markets.

Advanced Technology Partner AWS

AWS (formerly Amazon Web Services) is the world’s leading provider of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud services. Doxee signed a strategic partnership with AWS in 2015 and, as the first Italian Technology Partner, achieved the Advanced level in 2016.

Technology Enablers

Founded in 2010, Scrive quickly became the e-sign market leader in the Nordics. Today, with customers across the globe, Scrive is recognised as a trusted digitalisation partner, guiding businesses of all sizes in every industry on their digital transformation journeys.

Informatica is the world leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management solutions. Through its proprietary platform, it provides an architecture of microservices for the use of data to business customers. With Doxee, it acts as a technology partner for the integration of Doxee services with some of the main CRM platforms, such as Salesforce®.

Adobe is a strategic technology partner. Doxee has implemented Doxee Pvideo® for Adobe Animate CC, a plug-in for Adobe Animate that allows you to add personalized elements to videos made on the Adobe suite. Doxee Pvideo® animations are entirely generated with Adobe Animate CC.

Business Enablers

Partnership with a strong focus on the development and digitization of the PAL and PAC markets in Italy and the captive market of Poste (BancoPosta, Postepay, PosteVita, Poste Welfare). Doxee is training the entire Postel/Poste salesforce (around 500 Sales Executives) on ix products to enable the sale of its products and support the development of the shared pipeline.

Zuora is a global hi-tech company focused on managing subscription payment processes. With this partnership, Doxee is enabled to sell e-Invoicing and interactive communication products globally.

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Business and technology partnership focused on the insurance market. RGI has integrated part of the dX and iX products into its platform dedicated to insurance, offering technology updates to the market and to the RGI customer base. This partnership enables the sale of dX and iX products within the insurance sector.

System Integrators

Capgemini is an IT consulting and professional services company focused on the digital transformation of customers. Capgemini provides expertise in strategy, technology, data science, and creative design to support the development of all business areas.

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FCI is a pioneer of the Managed Services model for CCM. FCI is committed to innovating customer communication across all channels to improve customer experience. Its current offering of dynamic HTML5 documents and videos personalized according to the Managed Services model is part of this strategy. In addition to the CCM offered as Managed Services, FCI offers a wide range of services such as implementation, migration, and versioning of CCM systems, as well as managed support and quality assessment (QA).

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