Business partnership aimed at marketing px and ix products globally. Zuora is a global hi-tech company focused on managing subscription payment processes. With this partnership, Doxee is enabled to sell e-Invoicing and interactive communication products globally.

Zuora is a leader in cloud platforms dedicated to the management of payment processes for “subscription economy” business model, which is adopted by enterprise customers worldwide to manage the periodic billing and consumption of services. Doxee signed a strategic partnership with Zuora in 2019, thus becoming the reference player for the provision of e-Invoicing services, document production, and interactive communications in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to native integration, Zuora and Doxee interact globally through a common go-to-market that is suitable for Enterprise scenarios, combining the immediacy and effectiveness of the Zuora platform with the quality of Doxee billing products and the technology of the Interactive Experience products, able to improve the relationship with customers and facilitate renewal and billing processes in a simple and effective way.

Our partner, our strenght


A technology partnership dedicated to the development of products and services in the cloud and on AI issues. Doxee was the first AWS Advanced Technology Partner in Italy to demonstrate its capacity for innovation.



Capgemini is an IT consulting and professional services company focused on the digital transformation of customers. Capgemini provides expertise in strategy, technology, data science, and creative design to support the development of all business areas.



Innovation is change. We extract value from data and transform it into unique communications and relationships for each of your customers.