Digital preservation

Legal Electronic Archiving (LEA) ensures full compliance with the current Italian and European regulations on digital preservation of documents

Digital preservation

Compliance, safety, and reliability: long-term digital preservation of documents

Legal Electronic Archiving (LEA) is the Doxee product that is dedicated to the digital preservation of documents in compliance with the highest standards of information security and reliability. The product is certified by AgID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale) for the operation in Italy and renowned among the competition as one of the most regulatory-compliant. The Doxee Legal Electronic Archiving product is fully compliant with European Union and Italian regulations, the international standard ISO 14721:2012 (Open Archival Information System – OAIS), and the technical guidelines for digital document preservation defined by the Digital Administration Code (CAD).

For over 15 years, Doxee has been supporting hundreds of companies in their journey to compliance, with more than 1 billion documents stored, more than 400 legal entities actively managed and covering 5,500 individual document categories. Doxee’s LEA offering is constantly complemented by the experience and knowledge of our Doxee Competency Center for services of digitization, dematerialization, electronic invoicing, and digital preservation of documents in accordance to the law. The Competency Center is a major distinguishing factor of the Doxee paperless experience offering, where our customers can uniquely benefit from our rich expertise in working alongside companies in regulated markets.

Digital Preservation

Certified by AgID thanks to the high standards of reliability and security offered, LEA ensures full compliance with the current Italian and European regulations on digital preservation of documents, as well as dedicated features for specific industries (civil, labor, banking, insurance, health, logistics, Public Administration). Based on the strength of the Doxee technology, our product meets the highest requirements for logical and physical security as well as for enterprise requirements, such as the ability to handle parallel production, large volumes, and high peaks, high availability/reliability; it guarantees availability and business continuity, as defined in our Service Level Agreement. Interoperability is guaranteed as defined by the Italian guidelines which require that metadata attached to Archiving Packages complies with the UNI SInCRO 11386:2010 standard. The product allows for web document search and consultation, where customers can access and download each document stored, export Distribution Packages, and perform checks on hash, signature, timestamp, and review the attachments.

Monitoring and Analytics

LEA includes access to monitoring tools that can be used to continuously review the storage process. It also tracks and highlights any problems encountered during the processing of documents for storage, notifying the customer of any anomalies.

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Competency Center

For over a decade, the Doxee Paperless Competency Center has been one of the most authoritative repositories covering regulatory and technology issues in Italy for dematerialization, electronic invoicing, storage, and digitization of regulated processes. The Doxee Competency Center actively participates in important research groups, technical-scientific commissions, and national and international working groups for defining guidelines.

Easy Integration

Legal Electronic Archiving can be easily integrated with core systems such as industry-standard ERP and billing through configurable connectors, ensuring a rapid time-to-market. Alternatively, the product can be integrated through a complete set of REST APIs. LEA is integrated with all Doxee products, particularly with the px, Electronic Invoicing, and Electronic Ordering products.

Doxee - Legal Digital Archiving

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