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We harvest the results of years of investment in innovative technologies and in the growth of our people. Leading international analysts like Forrester, Gartner, Aspire, Madison Advisors, IDC include Doxee in the various reports and guides issued, where Doxee is recommended as a leading global provider of advanced technologies. These awards are a great source of pride for the company that looks to the future by focusing on technology and customer needs.

Doxee and the Analyst Point of View 

Doxee has won significant recognition from analysts over the years. According to Aspire, Doxee is considered an excellent choice in the Leaderboard dedicated to CCM in the various editions published to date. Forrester has cited Doxee’s offerings in several research papers. Doxee was listed in Forrester’s Now Tech among the top Customer Communication Management providers globally. In Forrester’s Tech Tide™, Doxee is among the top providers of video technologies that improve the customer and employee experience.

Doxee also ranks among the top providers in Forrester’s Now Tech dedicated to B2B video platforms for supporting marketing and sales processes. Gartner includes Doxee in its Market Guide for Customer Communications Management dedicated to the world’s leading providers of advanced cloud solutions to manage end-to-end CCM processes. Gartner calls Doxee’s CCM product an excellent tool with lean and lightweight implementation. Overall, again according to Gartner, Doxee’s CCM product represents a very diverse and portable solution with truly considerable capabilities in the cloud.

The most important Analyst firm have praised Doxee

We are identified as a technology leading provider by top analyst firms such as: Forrester, Gartner, Celent, Aspire.

Doxee as a Major Player in the 2022 IDC MarketScape for Customer Communications Management 

IDC positioned Doxee in the Major Players category in this 2022 IDC MarketScape for Customer Communications Management market segment and added that Doxee was one of the first CCM vendors to adopt a full native cloud enterprise-grade architecture. IDC recommend Doxee when an European or North American organization is looking to replace a legacy or homegrown CCM system with a modern microservices communications stack or a marketing team wanting to include personalized video in the content mix.

Aspire includes Doxee into the Leaderboard for CCM services 

According to Aspire “Doxee is a long-standing provider of high-quality CCM solutions. Its solutions are based on scalable cloud architectures and have seen good uptake among some of the largest enterprises in Europe. Doxee is a long-standing provider of high-quality CCM solutions. Its solutions are based on scalable cloud architectures and have seen good uptake among some of the largest enterprises in Europe.”

Some recent recognition from analysts

  • Quadrant Knowledge Solutions ranks Doxee among top vendors within the Technology Leaders category in SPARK MatrixTM: Customer Communication Management, 2023 report
  • Celent comments that Doxee’s continued investments in its CCM product components and its three deployment options make Doxee Platform an actractive solution fot both traditional CCM function and the newest digital CCM functionality
  • Doxee has been named to Forrester’s Now Tech as one of the top 17 global Customer Communication Management providers
  • Forrester views Doxee in Tech Tide™ as one of the world’s leading providers of video technologies to enhance the customer and employee experience 
  • Forrester includes Doxee among the best providers of video technologies  in its Tech Tide™ report
  • The Doxee Platform® has been called an “excellent choice” in Aspire’s Leaderboard for CCM services
  • In the Gartner Market Guide for CCM, Doxee is identified as one of the leading international providers of CCM solutions


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