Increase conversions combining multiple experiences together

Doxee Pweb® can incorporate embedded personalized videos, further increasing the level of engagement on each microsite page. This combination of experiences – personalized videos together with web pages that encourage independent exploration of the site – offer a level of customer engagement that typical web pages can’t match, leading to much higher conversion. With Doxee, though, enterprises like yours can create new personalized microsite pages easily without burdening the IT department. With our ability to connect with end-customers information sources, like Salesforce and SAP, you can quickly create landing pages either inheriting the corporate identity or explore new creative styles.

Precompiled dynamic forms provide greater accuracy and smoother onboarding

Simple mistakes, serious problems

Many things can potentially go wrong during the onboarding process, and those mistakes can vastly increase churn rates unnecessarily. One of the most avoidable, and yet most common examples of such an error is inaccurate data collection. Companies – especially those in the energy, telecommunication and finance sectors – must often confirm new customers’ data in the early stages of the onboarding process, asking these users to manually type up and provide their names, addresses, phone numbers and other contact and account information. If any data gathered during the registration phase is incorrect – say, for example, as the result of a simple typo – onboarding will need to halt until the mistake is identified and fiXed. Delaying the onboarding process days or even weeks will cause significant frustration, increasing the risk of churn needlessly. With Doxee Pweb turned into a dynamic form, you can avoid these accuracy issues and the headaches they can cause. Immediately after signup, the customer will receive a precompiled web form to verify that all of the information entered is correct. If there are any typos or other errors, the user can easily and immediately edit the form. Doxee Pweb lets you establish dynamic forms with data capture and editing capabilities which allow you to confirm new customers’ information within minutes, speeding up the onboarding process tremendously. You can start serving your customers faster and with a much lower error rate
  • Data capture and manipulation
  • Make your onboarding process error-free

Make a statement with interactive bills and summaries

Paper-based bills = missed opportunities

Dealing with continual communications, such as bills and summaries, is a headache for large organizations in many sectors, including energy, banking and telecommunications. While shortening time to cash and reducing support calls are still requirements, marketers must also increase revenues. The problem? Paper-based statements and summaries continue to be the standard, and these cannot convey any information beyond typical transactional data, and so fail to gain attention and interest. Any suggested call to action likely remains unanswered. These documents can – and should – do much more to make your customers react.

Interactive solutions = engaged customers

Interactive statements and summaries are perfect for achieving this higher degree of engagement. Information – and feature – rich, these statements tell your customers not just how much money they owe, but also highlight usage rates, provide detailed, easy-to-understand graphs explaining service payments, and even incorporate embedded personalized videos. This allows customers to actually interact with their statements and manage and explore their accounts with greater confidence. Paying bills or changing addresses is just one click away. And with Doxee Pweb, you can incorporate situation-appropriate upsell offers through clear yet unobtrusive calls to action. Notably, within Doxee Pweb you can enable first-time User Experience (UX) animated guidance to lead customers through the primary site pages. It can also incorporate text-to-speech (TTS) to act as a narrated summary of the written contents of the relevant pages. What’s more, developers can leverage the best-of-breed HTML5 editors available on the market, together with the best JavaScript responsive development frameworks, to freely develop the communication they want, without being constrained by fixed templates. All these features ensure interactive statements enabled by Doxee Pweb can be easily customized to suit your company’s – and your customers’ – specific needs.

Interactive renewals ensure customer engagement and response

Struggling with churn

The renewal phase presents a high risk of churn for businesses in numerous markets, including insurance and finance spaces. You have to communicate with your customers as the end of the policy period approaches, and the wrong approach – one that doesn’t engage with users – will not convince those individuals to renew. Many of the most common approaches, such as sending a proposal as a PDF attached to an email, are simply not effective enough to mitigate the churn risk.

Effective guidance, greater renewals

Doxee iX solutions address this problem by making renewal communications more effective. With Doxee Pweb, you can create a customized step-by-step path that reduces the risk of churn. For example, you can send your customers an email or a text message leading them to a personalized, interactive sequence of pages which highlights the value the recipient will gain from contact renewal. This experience can be tailored to be highly relevant, incorporating usage data, information from the last contract, and any changes in terms or costs. By making the renewal process gradual and step-by-step yet also engaging and streamlined, you can go much further in decreasing the risk of churn during this delicate time.
  • Step-by-step web paths to guide users to explore content at their own pace
  • High effectiveness for Insurance companies

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