Doxee Pweb® : Personalized and Interactive Micro Sites

Doxee Pweb® is designed to make and distribute personalized micro-sites that presents each customer with interactive and highly personalized web content.

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Doxee Pweb® : Personalized and Interactive Micro Sites

Build strong relationships at every touchpoint

In sectors related to the provision of ongoing services, such as utilities, telecommunications, and banking and insurance, the contact points with customers are often restricted to bills, renewals, and quarterly financial statements. If poorly managed, these opportunities for contact are transformed into unpaid bills, administrative delays, and calls to the call center. The paper document, or at most, a PDF attached to the email, cannot be the solution because it does not capture the attention or interest of the customer, does not adequately exploit mobile devices, and does not facilitate connection with the website or online payment mechanisms. It is also unable to support a scenario where marketing works to increase revenue with promotional communications and to capture the attention of the customer. Doxee Pweb® is the product dedicated to the production and distribution of personalized micro-sites that presents each customer with interactive and highly personalized web content that can support his journey across multiple channels. Doxee Pweb® combines the flexibility and interactivity of a web page with the ability to engage with personalized content, maximizing conversion rates and providing customers with rich information selected according to their

tastes and needs. Bills and balance sheets become web experiences that facilitate exploration and understanding of content through interactive charts, expandable tables, filters and sorting; whether the customer is looking for a quick summary or wants to analyze detailed information, Doxee Pweb® has the answer. Thanks to interactive functions such as calls-to-action, forms, and integration with chatbots, it is possible to transform a channel historically relegated to transactions or reporting into a two-way communication tool and, even better, into a new commercial channel through which to convey offers related to upselling and cross-selling strategies, obtaining high conversion rates. In combination with Doxee Pvideo® and the products of the Document Experience line, Doxee Pweb® can be used to enhance the digital customer experience at each touchpoint of the customer journey. Compatibility with the main web development languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and the most common architectural frameworks guarantee unlimited potential in the creative development of Doxee Pweb®, while integration with the main CRM and Marketing Automation applications is guaranteed by ready-to-use connectors and APIs.


Dynamic and personalized web content

Doxee Pweb® allows the creation of dynamic and interactive web content built based on the recipient’s data. You can flexibly personalize virtually any aspect of the micro-site, from content to navigation, based on the recipient’s variables. Doxee Pweb® is effective in implementing purchasing, chatbots, portal integration, and more. Give your customers a new way to interact with your business.

Data Storytelling

Complex data and information are difficult to present to the customer in an immediate and comprehensible way. Doxee Pweb® effectively responds to this problem by representing complex data and information in a way that is easy to use and understand. With features such as interactive charts and navigable and filterable tables, you can offer customers an interactive way to explore and represent their data, but also to simulate consumption and get information in a transparent and engaging way.


Offer an omnichannel experience

Doxee Pweb® micro-sites are distributed securely and intelligently, through any digital channel, and through PURL, the Personalized URL. Each PURL makes the content accessible only to the intended recipient and for a limited time. Through PURL, Doxee Pweb® can be distributed in an omnichannel way, through any digital channel such as social media, SMS, email, app notifications, and chatbots.

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From the data to the customer experience

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Turn every transaction into a business opportunity

Periodic communications, such as bills and statements, are an opportunity for essential contact with the customer and are often underused. The paper tool and the usual PDF attached to an email do not capture the attention and interest of the customer, are not usable by mobile devices, and do not allow web portal links for online purchases and payments.

Doxee Pweb® transforms periodic communications into a valuable tool to support the company’s upselling and cross-selling strategies. Thanks to the personalization of content and interactive features, you can offer customers the information they really need and allow the purchase of goods or services directly from the micro-site.


Smart call-to-action

Doxee Pweb® smart call-to-action solutions maximize the effect of personalization and efficiently convert the recipient to action. Calls-to-action can be linked to any type of action, including access to customer areas, calling up app features, starting a purchase process, or landing on a payment page. Native integration with Doxee Pvideo® allows you to include explanatory videos to inform customers about how to access or use a service, which are useful in onboarding, to provide a complete cross-channel experience.

Dynamic Form

Doxee Pweb® dynamic forms are useful for verifying customer data and information. You can include pre-filled forms within your custom micro-sites to make it easy for customers to compile, verify, and enter data for the benefit of operational efficiency and ease of use. In case of errors or inaccuracies in the data collected previously, the customer can correct the data independently in real-time, reducing the impact on support services, and supporting easy and immediate onboarding.

Discover the desires and needs of your customers and turn them into opportunities

Every interaction between your customers and your web properties is an invaluable source of data and information to understand the efficiency of your initiatives and deepen their needs and interests. Thanks to Doxee Pweb® analytics, you will be able to deepen the interactions of each recipient, measure the performance of the micro-site against your goals, and much more.

Behavioural analytics

Find out more about your audience, learn more about how customers interact with Doxee Pweb®. Track every interaction, action, CTR, and all other KPIs you can use to find out if your personalized content performs as you expect. Data is presented clearly and immediately with dashboards and reports. You can integrate Doxee Pweb® with the main web traffic analysis tools to get a complete view of the digital funnel.

Integration made easy: ready-to-use APIs and connectors

Doxee Pweb® easily integrates with leading Marketing Automation and CRM tools thanks to the availability of ready-to-use connectors that reset the time-to-market of custom video-based initiatives. Thanks to the availability of REST APIs, Doxee Pweb® can be integrated with any data source or application.

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