Doxee Pvideo® : Personalized and Interactive Videos

Doxee Pvideo® can bring out the richness hidden in customer data, transforming it into personalized, interactive video experiences.

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Doxee Pvideo® : Personalized and Interactive Videos

Turn every customer into your best customer with personalized videos

Today, customer expectations are very high: each customer has desires, expectations, and needs that must be constantly listened to and resolved to make each customer your best customer, offering them the products and services they really want. Inadequately involving customers means putting their trust at risk and losing the opportunity to build valuable relationships that are essential for the growth of your business. Doxee Pvideo® is designed to create and distribute personalized and interactive videos. Doxee Pvideo® can bring out the richness hidden in customer data, transforming it into personalized, interactive video experiences. Doxee Pvideo® allows you to create videos that are unique because they consist of scenes selected from each recipient’s data, rich in personalized text and banners, ad-hoc images, personalized voice with text-to-speech and audio library, all the ingredients needed to give your customers a unique narrative. Doxee Pvideo® is packed with interactive features: you can show in-depth pop-ups, include links

to data collection landing pages, and use calls-to-action to perfect purchase or make a payment. User-Directed-Storytelling (UDS) turns every video recipient into a director of their own digital experience, allowing them to choose their own storytelling and navigation path. Interactivity is one of the main features of Doxee Pvideo® and helps to make it a bi-directional communication tool, which informs and explains more about the customer and their desires at each interaction. The ability to attract the recipient’s attention through content personalization combined with interactive features make Doxee Pvideo® a multi-level communication tool capable of shortening the capture funnel while ensuring high conversion rates. Doxee Pvideo® is natively integrated with other interactive experience and document experience products to enable companies to offer a fully personalized and multi-channel digital customer experience that follows the customer through the customer journey.


Personalized videos, the key to attracting attention

Doxee Pvideo® offers a comprehensive set of personalization features that make it possible to create individual videos based on each recipient’s data. Video content can be personalized in each component according to the recipient’s data, and scenes can be dynamically modified to compose a unique narrative, influence scene content, and components, or insert custom text elements seamlessly integrated with video content. Thanks to the text-to-speech and voice catalog functionality, you can also personalize all audio parts and convey complex information such as consumption data and banking transactions, offering an even more personal and engaging experience. Create unique experiences for each of your customers with Doxee Pvideo®.

Custom Narration

Create a unique narrative for each of your customers, anticipate their needs by proposing the products they want, and take advantage of personalization to focus on the most relevant information. Dynamic Storyboard is the Doxee Pvideo® function that makes it easy to show or hide individual scenes depending on the recipient’s profile, adapting the narration to its characteristics. Dynamic Storyboard allows you to create personalized narration and manipulate the video according to the data of each recipient (e.g. demographic data, transactions, purchase history, geographical data, etc.).


Deliver your personalized videos safely and intelligently. Each video can be digitally distributed through a PURL: a personalized URL that makes content accessible only to the intended recipient and only for a limited time. Thanks to PURL, Doxee Pvideo® can be distributed in multichannel mode, through any digital channel such as social media, SMS, email, app notifications, and chatbots. You can embed a PURL in a site or landing page via iframe or also create custom QR Codes to turn your direct marketing campaign into a digital experience.

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Doxee Pvideo®

Personalized videos to increase interactivity and conversion rates

Attract your customers with personalized content and lead them to action with interactive features. Doxee Pvideo® combines the personalization of video content with interactivity and conversion features such as calls-to-action, pop-ups, and forms. Calls-to-action and forms can be integrated directly into the video for a completely natural user experience that doesn’t require you to pass through a sequence of web pages with the risk of viewers losing interest. Through the interactive functions, you can acquire data, information, and details about

the recipient in order to enrich your CRM and take advantage of the information acquired in subsequent interactions. Thanks to the User Directed Storytelling (UDS) function, you can put your customer at the center of the storytelling, allowing him to choose the narrative path and modify the storytelling in real time according to his choices and interactions. Surprise your customers and accompany them along the customer journey with Doxee Pvideo®.

Integrated call-to-action

Converting traffic to action is the essential goal of any digital marketing campaign. Doxee Pvideo®’s call-to-action campaigns are designed to maximize the effect of personalization to motivate action. All calls-to-actions are seamlessly integrated into the video and can convert to simple targets, such as redirecting to other pages, or complex targets such as advancing in a purchase process, making a payment, or to Doxee Pweb® to deliver a complete cross-channel experience. Doxee Pvideo®’s call-to-action is useful for capturing or verifying customer data in order to enrich the customer’s profile and collect consent to digital data processing, facilitating interaction in the next steps of the customer journey.

Data acquisition

Doxee Pvideo® has built-in data capture capabilities for video content such as forms, radio buttons, and multiple responses. With this feature, you can quickly and easily capture data and information from the video recipients, preconfigure a product or service, launch surveys, or easily measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS®) of your company.


Pop-up video

Pop-up videos are a simple and effective way to expand the narrative on multiple levels, for when there is so much to say, or when you need to delve into certain aspects of detail, give advice, or simply provide additional information. Through pop-up videos, it is possible to organize information and make access optional, so as not to distract the recipient from the narration.

Interactive Narration

User-Directed Storytelling (UDS) transforms every video recipient into the director of their own story. UDS gives the audience the chance to choose which scenes to view as they navigate the story, collecting important information chosen to understand what they want and how to meet their needs.


Find out more about your audience, learn more about how customers interact with personalized videos. Doxee Pvideo® tracks every interaction, action, CTR, duration of viewing, engagement rate, and all other KPIs to help you know if your custom content is effective. Data is presented clearly and immediately with dashboards and reports. Integrate Doxee Pvideo® with leading web traffic analysis tools for a complete view of the digital funnel.

Integration made easy: ready-to-use APIs and connectors

Doxee Pvideo® easily integrates with leading Marketing Automation and CRM tools thanks to the availability of ready-to-use connectors that reset the time-to-market of custom video-based initiatives. With the availability of REST APIs, Doxee Pvideo® can be integrated with any data source or application.

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