Doxee Content Hub: more efficiency and autonomy in managing enterprise communications

Doxee Content Hub allows you to create, manage, and distribute personalized content within Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb® interactive experience products and beyond.

Doxee Content Hub: more efficiency and autonomy in managing enterprise communications

Doxee Content Hub: more efficiency and autonomy in managing enterprise communications

Today’s companies prioritize being able to adopt solutions that can bring efficiency to the process of creating and distributing personalized communications based on the real needs of customers, this not only reduces operating costs, it also helps build long-term relationships that every company depends on.

Doxee Content Hub meets this precise need. Using a simple interface, Doxee Content Hub allows you to manage the entire process of creating and publishing digital content within the already natively personalized communications created with Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb®. In fact, thanks to Doxee Content Hub, you can enrich digital spaces with visual content such as banners, images, text, icons, and much more to derive new contact opportunities: upselling, onboarding, company reminders, loyalty programs, nurturing, customer care, and much more.

Generating previews, creating planning rules and the granular assignment of roles, business rules, and customer segmentation are just some of the features that support you in managing and publishing your content. The unique heart of the solution lies in the intuitiveness of the interface, starting from the planning aspects related to users and roles, to the basic elements that you can use to build the foundation of your communications, and finally with dynamic dashboards and modular panels that make monitoring easy.

With this tool, no coding is necessary and it can be used with independent logic to tailor each communication and create almost endless personalizations.

Many features to make it easier to work with your content

Dynamic previews

Doxee Content Hub quickly generates previews of content to display the result of your choices right in your browser, even before publication. These dynamic previews enable you to perform real-time testing and act directly on the generated objects by making changes in multiple modes. Launching a preview is essential to speed up content development and approval processes, and it allows you to fine-tune your content before publishing.

Intelligent content scheduling

Doxee Content Hub’s internal scheduling system allows you to automatically publish content and it can be adapted for each of your promotional initiatives. In fact, by creating scheduling rules, you can assign values to content according to specific dates and times. This has the advantage of personalizing content according to the time period, such as for offers and promotions, and saves time by allowing you to automate the sending of campaigns. The process is further simplified by dynamic dashboards that allow you to monitor the status, expiration, and duration of publications.

Business rules

With Doxee Content Hub, you can profile content based on customer segmentation through specific business rules, which brings together specific elements from which to create your communications. Through such rules, you can use multiple criteria depending on the cluster you’re targeting, such as zip code, geographic area, contract type, etc., and obtain extremely targeted content compositions.

Authoring for publications

Doxee Content Hub enables content authoring by assigning processing and approval tasks to separate users or user groups.
Through granular role assignment, the publishing process is divided into multiple steps for greater control of content. Viewing and approval of content is achievable through status updates for each stage of publishing so that content is differentiated according to whether it is archived, in draft, deleted, or published.

Headless CMS and API integrations

The option is natively a headless CMS to ensure scalability and integration of content with third-party properties such as websites, emails, landing pages, chatbots, etc. This feature makes omnichannel easy by providing operability across multiple environments using a single tool.

Chosen by hundreds of Companies and Institutions

Leading companies such as Fastweb, Sky and Enel have chosen our technologies to communicate effectively with millions of customers.