360° Customer Communication Management

Doxee products are based on a proprietary technology platform: the Doxee Platform. The platform has been designed and built entirely in the cloud, ensuring high performance in terms of scalability, reliability, and computational capacity to offer products on a global scale with a very short time-to-market. Document Experience, Interactive Experience, and Paperless Experience are an ecosystem of cloud products that are interoperable and can be combined to support the customer journey at every touchpoint, offering efficiency and innovation to customer communications.

dX – Document Experience

Doxee Document Experience (dX) is the first CCM product to be delivered entirely in the cloud. dX is the ideal product for managing business processes related to data transformation and document production, distribution, and archiving. dX is designed to support the construction of complex, mission-critical business processes, offering scalability, efficiency, and high performance in terms of volumes managed. dX does not require infrastructure investment and eliminates the cost of running the CCM platform. Learn more about the revolutionary CCM product

pX – Paperless Experience

Doxee Paperless Experience (pX) is the product line dedicated to the needs of dematerialization and simplification of business processes related to Italian and European compliance for taxes and documentation. pX products Standard Digital Storage and Electronic Invoicing are delivered in Cloud mode (SaaS) and ensure security, scalability, and performance in terms of high volumes managed. pX Products can be easily integrated into any application, such as management software, thanks to API connectors, ensuring a very short time-to-market and continuous updating for implementation and technical specifications.

iX – Interactive Experience

Doxee Interactive Experience (iX) is the Doxee product line designed to support the construction of a revolutionary digital customer experience. iX products leverage your customers’ data to transform it into interactive, personalized communications, accompanying your customers along their journey with content, offerings, and information that meets their needs and expectations. See iX products, Doxee Pweb® dynamic micro-sites, and Doxee Pvideo® custom, interactive videos.

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