Compliant, multichannel communication without the hassle

Customer communication expectations are evolving as consumers become more demanding when interacting with companies in every sector. While Customer Communications Management tools are growing from supporting static, printed output and one-way broadcasting to creating dynamic, web based and interactive communications via multiple channels, the importance of having a one-stop-shop provider to smoothly support this transition is as important as ever. That’s what Doxee delivers. We enable our Document Experience solutions – Doxee dX.

The enterprise user’s experience

  • Embrace innovation: Compose, personalize, format and distribute your communication to better engage with your customers throughout their journey.
  • Encourage collaboration: Doxee dX easily and quickly plugs into your actual infrastructure, seamlessly interacting with your existing processes and applications.
  • Focus on what matters for you: You set the requirements and provide the use cases.

La customer experience

  • Visually appealing clarity: Doxee dX offers crystal-clear, aesthetically pleasing communication on every medium – even on paper.
  • Communication consistency: Customers enjoy a CCM experience that is consistent with other, more advanced forms of customer experience, as offered by the complementary Doxee Interactive Experience solutions.

How Doxee fits into your Customer Communication Management strategy

Doxee offers limitless potential for customizing your communication channels. Whether it’s for batch, on-demand or interactive applications, Doxee dX is designed to accommodate and optimize your CCM strategy. Get your message out in the most effective way possible, and give your team the power to innovate within budget.

Reduce time to market

As a native-cloud solution, Doxee offers the freedom and flexibility to deploy innovative solutions quickly, with minimal IT involvement. Explore new approaches to CCM without disruption.

Achieve easy integration and extensibility

Our iPaaS-based architecture ensures easy connections and smooth transition of your data from existing systems – including ERP and CRM software to both Doxee’s dX and iX solutions. No major integration work is necessary, as the Doxee platform is native to the cloud and fully adaptable to connections with both legacy and cloud-based systems and solutions.

Seamless multichannel experience

Digital transformation is necessary to keep up with customer demands, and Doxee allows you to finally embrace that transformation with consistency throughout the customer journey. Doxee dX and iX solutions complement each other to create a seamless multichannel experience, no matter the use case.

Your business challenges, our solutions

Doxee dX works within the existing framework of your CCM strategy. Third party applications and legacy systems no longer have to be obstacles to bring your organization a step further. Doxee has the tools to build, deploy and execute an end-to-end CCM solution that:
  • Matches existing processes with a powerful workflow designer.
  • Publishes dynamic, multichannel content designed to make a positive impression on customers.
  • Integrates seamlessly with third-party applications through cloud connectors.
  • Expands workload capacity during peak hours through architectural scalability.
  • Offers detailed insights on the production system and processing.

Doxee dX is the result of Doxee’s 15 years of experience as a service provider building enterprise-grade CCM applications for billing, financial statements, customer support and business correspondence.

Visual Development

Everything in Doxee dX is customizable. Through built-in visual web designers you can easily configure your production workflow, map your data ETL logic, manage templates and post-processing tasks, and improve understanding with BI and Analytics. In addition, custom components give your team the flexibility and platform extensibility necessary to optimize your CCM’s vertical uniqueness, while operating within the platform’s workflow system for greater scalability.

Content collaboration

Doxee dX creates a workspace for Marketing, IT and other teams to collaborate on content. This lets you reduce time to market and keep up with campaigns. It also streamlines IT’s role so they can answer to business demands faster.

Multichannel production

You know you can’t rely just on print but are struggling to keep up with content production across multiple channels? Let us handle the details. With Doxee dX, you design the content and business rules, and we use the data to create unique HTML5-based, print, email, web, video and other interactive channels, encompassing the entirety of your enterprise communication strategy. With the flexibility to create content on any platform, businesses ensure the most engaging communications experience throughout the customer journey

We fulfill your customers’ journey. Entirely

Strong first impressions with your customers are essential, but a truly interactive experience requires high-quality content at every touchpoint. From acquisition to renewal, every communication from your enterprise is an opportunity to gain trust and sustain interest from your user base. Whether your business requires seamless batch production, interactive or on-demand one-to-one communication, Doxee dX has the solution to make every document-based interaction throughout the customer journey count, no matter your specific needs. However, traditional CCM covers just one side of the coin. While managing document-based
communications for enterprises like yours is still essential, you must go beyond paper to deliver truly effective customer communication. The Doxee dX solution works together with Doxee iX to help enterprises boost engagement throughout the customer journey. Doxee iX incorporates everything from personalized videos to HTML5-based interactive micro sites, while Doxee dX enables businesses to deliver digital, evolved documents that convey usage updates, bills and other essential information in the most informative, evocative way possible.

Multichannel batch production

While customers’ demand for digital communica-tion decreases the need for enterprises to focus on paper documents, the reality is that paper is here to stay for some time yet. Whether it’s through laws and regulations surrounding customer communi-cation or individual user preferences, businesses continue to face the challenge of balancing digital production with more traditional workflows. With Doxee, enterprises have the benefit of optimizing all channels, paper or digital, with continuity and flexibility. Doxee dX solutions make batch pro-duction of large volumes easier than ever before.

  • Visually design your own production workflow, no matter what vertical you belong to and how complex your process is.
  • Our cloud-based architecture lets you scale pro-duction needs in any direction.
  • Transform and enrich data coming from multiple sources with a visual data mapping module. Crea-te even more personalized content by connecting with other data sources, via web services or bu-ilt-in Informatica Cloud-based connectors.
  • Built-in Content Management allows business users across departments to access and manage the content of dedicated portions of the docu-ments for promotional purposes.
  • Proofing capabilities are available throughout the entire process, allowing users to ensure the best quality and reliably engage printing and mailing processes.
  • Multichannel delivery gives you the most efficient workflow no matter the medium, whether it’s print, email, SMS, or downloads from your websi-te.
  • Keep track of any step of the workflow with a comprehensive Analytics solution. From SLA compliance down to measuring provider’s perfor-mance, the entire document lifecycle, including printing, mailing and delivery, will be under your control.
  • Full-fledged data integration and manipulation
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • End-to-end process monitoring
  • Bills and statements

On-demand communication

Doxee dX is designed to fully satisfy your CCM requirements with continuity between batch and on-demand applications, no matter the use case. Thanks to our unified platform that can easily miX together batch, on-demand and interactive sce-narios, the result is greater service reliability and capability across all communication channels.While structured documents still account for the larger volumes, customer requests can happen at any point of their journey. This is why your enter-prise needs a document production solution that has the performance and scalability to support the growing and diverse content that you must assem-ble and deliver to meet any customer’s demand.On-demand processing makes it possible to gene-rate documents based on a single request. Typical scenarios are:

  • A front-end employee at her desk triggers thecomposition of a contract based on a customer’sinformation. When it’s time to sign, the documentwill show up directly in front of the client, fromwhich point it can be digitally signed, time-stam-ped and stored.
  • Alternatively, self-service applications on yourcorporate portal, such as product configuratorsand online quotes, can generate documents on-the-fly and deliver them to users’ devices.

Unleash your creativity, no matter what your needs are. You don’t have to worry about keeping your cu-stomers up to date with the right documentation, at the right time, through the right channel. Doxee dX makes it easy to remain compliant and to maximize the value for your clients, ensuring an optimized experience for both yourself and your customers.

  • Seamless integration betweenbatch, on-demand and interactive
  • Document production on the fly
  • On-demand correspondence
  • Online quotes and statements•Order confirmations
  • Account notices

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