document experience: Customer Communications Management

The first cloud-based product dedicated to Customer Communications Management for document process management.

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document experience: Customer Communications Management

Customer Communications Management and support for digital transformation

Digital transformation is rapidly imposing new business models and new ways of communicating. Digitization is a necessary step for organizations determined to modernize their processes to respond to the growing needs of customers. Digital transformation is not only a technological trend, but above all a change in the business perspective, which can and must finally put the customer at the center of communication processes. Consumers are becoming more and more demanding every day and, when they interact with companies, they expect communications that are relevant, personalized, and effective. Each interaction between the customer and the company produces data and information that is useful for getting to know him better, to communicate even more effectively, and to offer him the product he wants at the right time. Data is an invaluable source of value for any business. At Doxee, we’ve been supporting digital transformation processes for nearly two decades, helping businesses extract value from data and transform it into communications and relationships with our technology. In this scenario, implementing a Customer Communications Management (CCM) strategy aimed at the digital world means giving your company the opportunity to embrace digital transformation by radically changing the way you communicate, introducing personalization

and multi-channel. Doxee document experience is the first Customer Communications Management (CCM) product entirely dedicated to Cloud (PaaS and SaaS) creation, multichannel distribution, and archiving of communications. Doxee dx’s Customer Communications Management capabilities enable the creation and distribution of documents, from processing and enriching complex data to increase its quality to administering articulated workflows to generate documents and distribute them to recipients through digital and paper channels. Through its cloud service model, Doxee offers expertise and technological excellence by supporting companies on their digital path, helping them to revolutionize their communications and put the customer at the center of their communication strategies. For nearly two decades, we’ve been processing business data to optimize document production and distribution processes, dematerializing billing and retention processes, and most importantly, helping them turn every transactional document into a formidable tool for developing relationships with customers, laying the foundation for lasting business growth. More than 200 Enterprise companies have chosen products from Doxee’s document experience line, revolutionizing the way they communicate.

Empowering the digital transformation

Document composition

Multichannel delivery

Dynamic communications

Analytics & reporting

Data integration

Process control

Doxee document experience is the first fully cloud-based Customer Communications Management product available in PaaS and SaaS mode. dx is able to efficiently and collaboratively manage the processes of creating, archiving, and distributing multichannel documents, integrating seamlessly into existing systems to support the company’s strategy of digitizing communication processes. Doxee dx is a formidable accelerator of the digital transformation strategy of the customer base because it excels in both traditional and digital communications thanks to a truly multichannel approach that enhances transactional and CRM data by transforming them into documents and communications. Once the communication workflow is set up and interconnected with the company’s systems through ready-to-use connectors, adding a channel or transitioning customer segments to digital is simple and straightforward. Doxee products are built on more than 15 years of experience in enterprise-class CCM services. Data is the main leverage

in a digital communication strategy and, through Doxee, it is valued at every stage of the production process. First, it is enriched, ordered, and optimized to maximize the effectiveness of communications. In addition, it is used to instruct the processing workflow, facilitating both digital processes and the postal logistics of paper communications. Monitoring and analytics are essential to ensure compliance with the business case of a massive customer communication process. The verification of compliance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA), performance measurement for printing and delivery suppliers, and the ability to approve and report on production processes are just some of the features of Doxee dx designed to ensure transparency and control of production processes for companies. Doxee uses analytics based on information generated by the Doxee technology platform as well as on data from the entire production chain, feeding multichannel control dashboards.

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We support your customer journey

The digitization of communication processes is one of the key components to enhance the customer experience because it enhances the data and optimally manages the processes related to the creation and multichannel distribution of documents, with the aim of putting the customer at the center and accompany him along the customer journey, communicating the right content at each touchpoint. From customer acquisition to renewal, every communication is an opportunity to earn trust and keep your customer’s interest high. Doxee dx offers a solution for every type of interaction, in every moment of the customer journey, enabling your company to create transparent and aesthetically pleasing messages, usable on any device as well as on paper. Thanks to dx, customers can interact in a homogenous way with other forms of Customer Experience such as that offered by the complementary products Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb® that make it possible to build a personalized digital experience but above all the creation of two-way and interactive communication. Paper communications have become obsolete: corporate communication is increasingly dynamic, interactive and based on digital. In this scenario, the existence of a single point of contact to help face the transition to digital becomes fundamental. This is what Doxee dx offers.

Reduce time to market

dx is a cloud product (PaaS and SaaS) totally managed by Doxee. Thanks to these features, dx is the only Customer Communications Management product able to accelerate digital innovation processes related to communication, thanks to a very short time-to-market. The cloud features of dx make it possible for products to be in immediate synergy with an organization’s IT department thanks to the simplicity of integration. Thanks to the agility of the cloud, it is also possible to test new approaches to CCM without any service interruption.

Easy integration and extensibility

Integration with existing organizational systems is critical for accessing the wealth of data that each company has about each of its customers. Because digital interaction produces large volumes of information in a wide variety of formats, the ability to work in synergy with business systems and enrich data from heterogeneous sources is essential to the success of any customer communication management strategy. Doxee dx has ready-to-use connectors for core business systems, facilitating integration. The robust ability to interpret and transform data brings together heterogeneous sources — market products or custom solutions — towards a standard format used to feed the multichannel workflows offered by the product. All without resorting to additional system integration. dx also has REST APIs to provide on-demand workflows for integration with enterprise systems that are enriched with individual features selected from the CCM offering portfolio but accessed individually when necessary. With dx, companies can take full advantage of integration with existing document systems, or take advantage of native document archiving including web and API access to archived materials.

A perfect multichannel experience

The customer no longer wants to be mediated in his access to information and wants to be at the center of a relationship where he receives relevant and interesting communications that are in line with his needs and desires. Nevertheless, highly regulated processes and certain categories of customers continue to require the paper medium. It is therefore essential for companies to have a platform for CCM that allows them to manage communication processes through all channels controlled by their customers, while maintaining traditional channels. Doxee dx is able to respond to this need, relieving the company of the operational burdens that result from sending multichannel-distributed messages, both in terms of the technical aspects of digital communication and the complexities of postal logistics. The result is guaranteed continuity of the multichannel experience, expressed not only in the quality of the processed data, obtained through tools that provide cross-channel visibility, but also in the uniform service model enabled by the same data source and monitored based on relevant KPIs that influence the success of each channel.


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Content collaboration

Every document that a company sends to its customers not only contains a message, but is the result of the combination of mandatory content, information, and promotions that carefully arranged together and that are the result of the collaboration between different departments. IT, Legal, Billing, and business functions must be able to work together to create, manage, and deliver documents in compliance with the regulations and agreements in force. Doxee dx enables collaboration and co-authoring throughout the document creation phase, making it possible for the various departments to easily collaborate on the same content without the risk of overlap. Collaboration is not limited to the content. Doxee dx offers useful tools that allow specialized operators to view the production progress through the web interface. They can also intervene by viewing sample documents, approving or rejecting jobs, and checking the quantities produced before triggering the printing phase. This collaboration covers the entire life cycle of the documents.

Doxee named an “Excellent choice” by Aspire

Doxee dx has been selected as an “excellent choice” by the 2020 Aspire Leaderboard for companies that need innovative, scalable, cloud-based technology products that help them manage the entire customer communication process, from end-to-end to multichannel. According to Aspire’s evaluation, the synergistic combination of document experience with the interactive experience product line enables innovative solutions that are both interactive and personalized.


Interactive one to one communications

Doxee dx includes tools to enrich your CRM needs, such as opening a technical support ticket, issuing billing, and sending a closure notification. Through Doxee dx, customer service professionals have all the tools they need to enrich one-to-one communications with additional text, personal data, special promotions, and financial assessments. Through a customizable web portal, dx provides a wide choice of templates and configurable modules where users can simply add the desired information and variable data for customer communications to trigger an approval process that ends with the delivery of the communication to the end customer. In addition to the possibility of previewing documents and checking the workflow before sending them, Doxee dx makes it possible to integrate communications with information and data from existing ERP and CRM systems, both during and after data is entered manually.

On demand and batch production

Although many mandatory communication processes, such as invoicing and reporting, require periodic review, the relationship between company and customers, especially if mediated by digital experiences, is evolving towards real-time messages and interactions. Here, the customer does not wait and the immediacy makes a huge difference between a message enjoyed and one ignored. However, the distinction between batch and on-demand processes should not mean different approaches by companies and operators interacting with these tools. Doxee dx unifies the design model of multichannel workflows between batch and on-demand, making the same channels and models available regardless of the mode of operation. The scalable systems that underlie the dx product provide autonomous scalability and compliance with service agreements, offering an interface of interactions that support processing large amounts of data and simultaneous interaction. The batch execution mode ensures compliance with service agreements through intelligent process parallelization, only possible through the cloud, while the on-demand execution mode has the tools to horizontally scale application components to manage peak requests and normalize execution times, offering consistent performance.


Chosen by hundreds of Companies and Institutions

Leading companies such as Fastweb, Sky and Enel have chosen our technologies to communicate effectively with millions of customers.

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