The digital transformation has spread in the insurance market and offers companies new opportunities for improving communications with their customers. Emerging tools and digital strategies are revolutionizing the customer experience.

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The insurance sector, like many others, is experiencing a strong period of change due to the spread of new, pervasive technologies that increasingly influence both the choices that consumers have as well as how they use insurance services. In this context, some scenarios are rapidly emerging as an opportunity in the sector. The advent of IOT and home automation, together with the use of big data, are opening up the world of insurance to new business models. The ability of companies to offer a truly effective Digital Customer Experience is one of the most significant technological and cultural challenges in this sector. For insurance companies, winning the Digital Customer

Experience challenge means bringing about a radical change in personnel culture and governance of internal and external processes. Having a digital market presence and finally putting the customer at the center of its processes has two positive effects for insurance companies: it enables the company to acquire new customers through autonomous channels and methods and then supports the construction of a strong relationship with the customer, thus ensuring the basis for future growth. Doxee has been involved in this sector for years, offering insurance companies new technologies to develop a Digital Customer Experience that really puts the customer at the center.


How to simplify insurance policy generation and render it more efficient

Doxee and UnipolSai: personalized and interactive campaigns

UnipolSai has chosen Doxee Pvideo® to improve the experience of its customers through personalization. The goal was to make communication between business and customer rich and interactive, also thanks to the strategic use of varioustouchpoints, but above, to make this communication personalized.

When we chose Doxee, we found a company in tune with the changes that were coming. Basically, innovative ideas that were easy to implement.

Personalization is useful for involving the customer, making him feel important, and for inviting the customer to take action

Alleanza Assicurazioni

In the insurance sector, the Customer Area is one of the most important touchpoints for keeping customers updated on new offers and products, selected according to their needs. Alleanza Assicurazioni has invested in its Customer Area, enriching it with functions and processes to support the customer in every phase of their journey. Find out how Alleanza Assicurazioni has used Doxee Pvideo® to maximize the number of subscriptions to the Customer Area and to significantly increase access to the tool.