Alleanza Assicurazioni: engage customers with a valuable Digital Customer Experience

As part of the overall strategy to build its Digital Customer Experience, Alleanza Assicurazioni, a historic Italian insurance company, has designed and created a reserved customer area 

that allows them to manage and monitor policy performance directly via the web, improving the customer experience and at the same time greatly simplifying some policy management processes.   

Innovative promotion of the Alleanza Customer Area

Despite the high quality of the new reserved customer area, registrations to access the new area were very low.  As part of the Digital Customer Experience, it is necessary for companies to manage the customer relationship on every channel.  For this reason, Alleanza was looking for a tool that could support the company’s digital communication strategy while also being integrated into processes linked to the promotion of the Customer Area to improve its use. Doxee Pvideo® was quickly chosen to be integrated with the processes aimed at promoting registration and onboarding of the new Alleanza Customer Area.

Within the personalized video which is generated based on customer characteristics and personal data, customers can view the benefits of registration and proceed with it thanks to embedded calls-to-action directed towards the registration processes. This communication has greatly improved the conversion process, resulting in more than 23,035 users now registered for the reserved area.

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Alleanza engages customers with a Digital CX

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