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An important differentiator in the world of telecommunications today is undoubtedly the digitization of processes and of customer care. At Doxee we support leading companies in the telecommunications sector, offering innovative digital solutions with a high level of personalization according to customer profiles, needs, and expectations.

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The digital transformation of telecommunications

Telecommunications innovation is part of the country’s wider technology development path, which will lead to increasingly flexible and automated infrastructures and customers and citizens who are increasingly satisfied with the services offered. The telecommunications and media sector is constantly changing and is one of the fastest growing and most innovative sectors. The telecommunications industry has always guided the process of digital transformation, offering other sectors the necessary infrastructure and the basis for digitizing their processes. As in other areas, telecommunication companies also need

to contain customer churn. For this reason, telco operators are constantly looking for new ideas to differentiate themselves in terms of business models, and towards business and consumer customers with new and innovative proposals. The most advanced telecommunications companies in terms of innovation are now those who interact closely and effectively with their customers and who aim to interconnect physical assets, people, and digital tools. The main challenge in this sector is therefore that of the Customer Experience and is based on the ability to involve users with loyalty initiatives and increasingly personalized services.

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CCM and Digital Transformation

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Fastweb case

Fastweb has taken advantage of the important opportunities offered by digitization and began this process in 2009, when they provided customers with a personalized microsite and video made possible by the Doxee Pweb ® and Doxee Pvideo ® technologies.

Doxee offers tailor-made services thanks to the tools and internal processes developed over time. The competency and quality of the Doxee team are proof of this

Luigi Cozza, Manager of BSS Project Management, Fastweb