Digitization in Telco: Fastweb’s personalized and interactive experience 

The digitization of telecommunications is often seen in the industry as a threat. However, on closer inspection, it represents a huge opportunity for companies and their customers. Telecom companies must be able to create innovative offerings

for customers, to communicate differently and more interactively, and, importantly, to understand their customers’ needs and expectations.  

A user-friendly experience for Fastweb customers

Fastweb, a specialist in telephony and broadband connections, began its digitization process in 2009 with the creation of a personalized mini-site using Doxee Pweb® technology. On the microsite, customers can access their data, view their bills, and learn more about their subscription: It’s a user-friendly, interactive, and highly personalized portal. The need for increasingly personalized and interactive communication has led Fastweb to implement the Doxee Pvideo® technology to create a personalized video that the customer can access from the email containing the bill and a wide range of different offers depending on their place along the customer journey. For example, the personalized video can make the user take different actions, such as joining a special loyalty campaign or subscribing to upselling or cross-selling actions.

Perfect digitization

The integration of the two Doxee products has led to an almost total digitalization of Fastweb customers; today, 95% of invoices issued are in digital format. The User Experience has also been improved and Fastweb customers can now benefit from advanced, practical features adapted to their profiles.

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Fastweb's personalized and interactive experience

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