Electronic Invoicing

Electronic Invoicing is dedicated to managing the active and passive invoicing cycle in full compliance with Italian and European standards

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Electronic Invoicing

Electronic Invoicing backed by an ecosystem of products and expertise

Technological innovation, integration between services, and expertise are the pillars of our Electronic Invoicing offering, the Doxee product dedicated to managing the active and passive invoicing cycle in full compliance with Italian and European standards. Our Electronic Invoicing product is fully managed and interoperable with industry-standard billing systems. It guarantees rapid implementation times, reliability, scalability, and provides full technology and regulatory compliance with the Italian law, and is continuously updated as regulations evolve. Electronic Invoicing is able to handle large volumes of invoices dedicated to AR and AP billing cycles. Electronic Invoicing has been designed to fully govern the relationship with the Italian SdI interchange system. The product integrates the functions and formats dedicated to sending invoices to the Public Administration (B2G) and to private individuals (B2B and B2C). Electronic Invoicing is provided through the Doxee Platform, which is common to all Doxee

products. Thanks to this feature, Electronic Invoicing is natively integrated with all products of the paperless experience line and with the Doxee product Legal Electronic Archiving dedicated to long-term digital document preservation in compliance with the governing Italian regulations. Electronic Invoicing is integrated with document experience products and supports the creation, multichannel distribution and archiving of documents, and interactive experience products, perfect for the creation and multichannel distribution of interactive microsites and personalized videos. Doxee’s Electronic Invoicing offering is constantly complemented by the experience and knowledge of our Doxee Competency Center for services of digitization, dematerialization, electronic invoicing, and legal archiving. The Competency Center is a major distinguishing factor of the Doxee paperless experience offering, where our customers can uniquely benefit from our rich expertise in working alongside companies in regulated markets.


Electronic Invoicing: Managing the invoicing cycle for accounts receivable

The invoicing cycle for accounts receivable is the Electronic Invoicing product option dedicated to the complete management of electronic invoicing processes for customer and business transactions. The product is able to generate the XML invoicing format in full compliance with Italian SdI requirements, with or without PDF attachments. The product also performs stringent formal checks before sending electronic invoices to the SdI to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Electronic Invoicing makes it possible to include the qualified electronic signature of the issuing party through an automatic signature procedure and HSM signature devices in compliance with the Italian Digital Administration Code, with delegated access to the signee. The product is able to collect any type of receipt issued by SdI including the extended set required for billing to Public Administrations. All electronic invoices and receipts are automatically stored through the natively integrated Legal Electronic Archiving product in accordance with regulations, making them available through a web interface for consultation or delivering automated reporting.

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Electronic Invoicing: Managing the invoicing cycle for accounts payable

The invoicing cycle for accounts payable is the Electronic Invoicing option dedicated to companies that need to manage incoming invoicing flows issued by suppliers and service providers. The product allows the receipt of XML invoice flows and attachments and their conversion from the official SdI XML format to PDF or other customized formats. Incoming invoices are collected, stored, then notified for web consultation, or delivered to other digital endpoints. All electronic invoices and receipts from the SdI are stored through our Legal Electronic Archiving product, which can be activated as an option for the long-term preservation of contents. In addition to that, customers can request the invoices to be forwarded to their information systems for local storage and registration, which includes any metadata or reports generated during the processing.


Monitoring and Analytics

Electronic Invoicing includes tools that comprehensively monitor Electronic Invoicing processes checking in/out quantities, individual receipts, and discard causes. Our monitoring system allows customers to constantly review the process so that any issues or irregularities can be resolved quickly, in accordance with regulations.

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Competency Center

For over a decade, the Doxee Paperless Competency Center has been one of the most authoritative repositories covering regulatory and technology issues in Italy for dematerialization, electronic invoicing, storage, and digitization of regulated processes. The Doxee Competency Center actively participates in important research groups, technical-scientific commissions, and national and international working groups for defining guidelines.

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Easy integration

Electronic Invoicing can be easily integrated with core systems such as industry-standard ERP and billing through configurable connectors, ensuring a rapid time-to-market. Alternatively, the product can be integrated through a complete set of REST APIs.

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Electronic Invoicing