interactive experience: Customer Experience Management

The product line that enhances your customers’ data to create a revolutionary digital customer experience through personalized communications.

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interactive experience: Customer Experience Management

Surprise, engage and retain your customers  

Customers aren’t numbers, they’re people. Each one has needs and expectations that must be investigated, listened to, and satisfied. Serving customers well requires companies to get to know their customers and so that they can offer them the services and products they really need. interactive experience transforms your customers’ data into interactive personalized videos and dynamic micro web sites, created and dedicated to each of your customers to offer them an effective and engaging interactive customer experience. Doxee products, from interactive experience, Doxee Pvideo® to Doxee Pweb® revolutionize communications in conversations that help you get to know your customers better and thereby deliver the content, products, and services they really want, creating relationships built to last.

Content personalization and interactive functions are a critical success factor for your initiatives, involving the customer with content that is always relevant to him, allowing immediate interaction, optimizing conversions, and ensuring high success rates. All interactive experience products can be delivered through any digital or traditional channel (including QR Code or Augmented Reality) to offer a multi-channel experience, at any touchpoint in the customer journey. Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb® are natively cloud-based, and both products offer ready-to-use APIs and connectors to deliver the fastest time to market, minimizing integration with internal systems such as CRM, Marketing Automation, and Digital Experience Platform.

Doxee Pvideo®: personalized and interactive videos

Doxee Pvideo®: Turn your customers’ data into personalized, engaging, and interactive videos to provide them with the information, products, and offers they want, promising your initiatives the highest conversion rates. With interactive features and integrated analytics, Doxee Pvideo® helps you get to know your customers and support them along their customer journey, providing an effective, multi-channel, interactive customer experience. Discover personalized videos, discover Doxee Pvideo®

Personalized Videos - Doxee Pvideo®

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personalized microsites Doxee Pweb®

Doxee Pweb®: personalized micro-sites

Doxee Pweb® revolutionizes the way you communicate data, offers, and complex information to your customers by transforming them into dynamic and interactive web sites dedicated to each customer. Lead customers to discover the services and products they really need, leveraging their data and learning more about what they really want. Doxee Pweb® is especially useful for developing up and cross-selling programs by transforming bills, reports, and transactional documents into interactive applications. Discover dynamic and personalized micro-sites, discover Doxee Pweb®.

Doxee Booster: Marketing Automation

Doxee Booster enhances and enriches the initiatives carried out by other Doxee products, such as Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb®, through optimized communication management based on automated workflows. Increase the effectiveness of multichannel mailings by dynamically segmenting target groups, initiating lead qualification processes, and triggering automatic nurturing actions based on the actions performed. Discover the new marketing automation option, discover Doxee Booster.

Doxee Content Hub

Doxee Content Hub: your content management system

Doxee Content Hub is Doxee’s content management system that enables the creation and distribution of personalized digital content within Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb® products or your own web properties, such as your website.

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interactive experience

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