To truly satisfy your customers and foster your brand awareness, you need to deliver consistent experiences throughout the customer journey – not only when you need to inform your customers of expiring obligations. With Doxee, you can provide customized interactions that are specifically chosen for each aspect of the customer journey. This includes: Acquisition, Welcome, Continual, Renewal, Support. Today’s customers’ expectations for enterprise communication are high and growing. They demand that companies provide personalized information that is engaging, easy to digest and convenient to access. With Doxee iX, you can cover an extensive range of communication experiences for all of your customers, tailored to your company’s unique customer journey. In the following pages you will find a wide range of use cases and customer experiences that can be addressed with Doxee iX solutions.

Reduce time to market

As a native-cloud solution, Doxee offers the freedom and flexibility to deploy innovative approaches to CX quickly, with minimal IT involvement. That’s the advantage of the agile model – explore and execute new concepts while continuing to attend to all ongoing IT projects.

Focus on what matters

Our partner-driven SaaS approach further reduces IT obligations on your end. You set the requirements and provide the use case, and your Doxee partnert takes care of the rest. Our partners, with their unique skills and local perspective, will use the Doxee iX solutions to develop customized applications that specifically address your unique CX strategy needs.

From personalized videos, which tell powerful and engaging individual stories, to HTML5-based interactive micro sites – Pweb in short – which show complex and data-rich content in the clearest way, your organization can craft the right type of communication to elicit the right answer from your customer, maximizing the effectiveness  of your CX strategies.

Improve email marketing effectiveness with Doxee Pvideo®

Doxee’s personalized videos enable far more effective direct email campaigns for your prospects. The two biggest factors that can contribute to the success of DEM are videos and, critically, personalization. Doxee’s personalized video DEM brings these two elements together to ensure that each message is as engaging as possible. Users recognize that the videos – including unique text, imagery and audio – are unique to them. The Doxee advanced technology also makes it possible to develop personalized videos that feature enhanced interaction, in the form of Call-To-Actions inserted directly into the video. This functionality offers the potential for interactive, user-directed.


Unleash your creativity

When it comes to communications, enterprises want to look unique to their customers. Doxee iX solutions enable you to take advantage of the best tools available on the market. These are the same tools that media and web agencies use to harness and channel their own creativity. Doxee partners provide support to enterprises in the form of either complete end-to-end services or by liaising with your own creative agencies.

Doxee Pweb® pages drive engagement and conversions

With Doxee, though, enterprises like yours can create new personalized microsite pages easily without burdening the IT department. With our ability to connect with end-customers information sources, like Salesforce and SAP, you can quickly create landing pages either inheriting the corporate identity or explore new creative styles. This is especially important for retailers, particularly of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), where conversions need to happen quickly and frequently. Doxee Pweb® can incorporate embedded personalized videos, further increasing the level of engagement on each microsite page.

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