Business partnership oriented to the sales of dX and iX products in Banking, Insurance, and Telco.

Doxee and Capgemini have entered into a commercial partnership for the marketing of dX and iX products in the Banking, Insurance, and Telco sectors. Capgemini and Doxee believe in Digital Transformation enabled by customer experience. The partnership proposal includes the offer of Doxee Interactive Experience services (Doxee IX) within FIS (finacial services). The partnership brings together the experience of two companies that have made innovation their mission, translating it into value-added experiences for the customer.

In the CCX area, Capgemini offers consulting, delivery, and service delivery, while Doxee is the provider of technology and services based on the Doxee Platform. The service delivery method is SaaS (local IaaS or public cloud).

Our partner, our strenght


A technology partnership dedicated to the development of products and services in the cloud and on AI issues. Doxee was the first AWS Advanced Technology Partner in Italy to demonstrate its capacity for innovation.



Zuora is a global hi-tech company focused on managing subscription payment processes. With this partnership, Doxee is enabled to sell e-Invoicing and interactive communication products globally.



Innovation is change. We extract value from data and transform it into unique communications and relationships for each of your customers.