Doxee Pvideo® and Iren: Promoting New Downstream Services with Personalized Videos

Innovation is leading the utility sector through a period of strong change, both in the industrial structure itself and in the relationship with citizens and customers. Industry players are increasingly investing in smart technologies and innovating

their services to deliver higher quality and sustainability. The utilities’ growing focus on innovation also translates into communication strategies that are as smart as the services offered. 

Iren and New Downstream products

Iren, one of the most important and dynamic multi-utility companies in Italy operating in the production and distribution of electricity, gas, and district heating services, offers a series of additional services called “New Downstream,” such as the LED lighting kit, the intelligent thermostat or Clairy, an innovative air purifying vase that combines the quality of plants with technology, reducing domestic pollution. Iren defines itself as a multi-utility that looks to the future and does so by adopting innovative communication strategies, which allow it to operate under the banner of quality and with attention to the needs of customers and citizens. To promote its New Downstream services, Iren has chosen Doxee’s personalized videos, which aim to welcome the customer, increasing confidence in the service purchased, and at the same time, proposing new services in line with the customer’s interests.

Smart and personalized communication

In the personalized video, each customer receives content relevant to their profile and useful information on New Downstream services and on how to improve energy consumption. Not only that: the video contains a final mini-survey, which can be compiled from the video itself, where the customer can answer a few short questions that will allow Iren to get to know him better and personalize their offer even more.

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Doxee Pvideo® and Iren

Promoting New Downstream Services with Personalized Videos

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