Insurance companies, banks, utilities and other organizations in a variety of sectors find themselves in immediate need of new solutions for managing customer communications. There are several reasons for this transition, including reducing the operational costs associated with the creation and management of business documents and communications, and the goal of leveraging digitalization to improve the overall customer experience, by creating engaging digital communications to improve customer loyalty and boost revenue from new services and reduced churn.

Several factors are key to facilitating this transition and minimizing the costs it incurs.

First, the new software must ensure effective migration of the templates used in current communications, thus minimizing the need for re-coding and major modifications. It must also be able to optimize the document creation and management processes, thus improving overall efficiency.

In this article, you can find out how to successfully migrate Assentis document templates which are based on the XLS-FO standard to the Doxee Platform®.



The 4 key factors for speeding up the migration of document templates from Assentis Technologies to Doxee Platform®

Doxee templates are based on the same XSL-FO standard.

Doxee’s CCM platform, known as Doxee Platform®, has several features to facilitate smooth and efficient template migration. First, Doxee Platform® operates natively with the XSL-FO standard, thus allowing direct migration of Assentis template elements. This does away with the need to completely convert all the original templates, thus reducing the risk of incompatibility and simplifying the process as a whole.

Same logic mapping and unchanged input data structures

In addition, using languages like XPath and XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) facilitates logic document mapping by ensuring accurate conversion of elements without errors due to formatting language incompatibilities. Doxee Platform® can work directly with incoming XML data structures, so that there is no need to make significant changes to the data structures of previous systems.

Effective management of migrated templates

Effective management of migrated templates is another key feature of Doxee Platform®. The Doxee Workplace module offers user-friendly document editing and customized communication workflows, thus giving greater control and better management of functions based on user profiles.

The value of a standard based platform and expertise to support migration

Finally, Doxee offers comprehensive support throughout the migration process, integrating customer-specific extensions and identifying repeat content to further optimize the process. In this way, template migration becomes a launch pad for improving the overall customer experience and achieving the organization’s digital transformation goals.


Template migration as a starting point for achieving a valuable customer experience for your business communications

Several key factors combine to determine the success of a digital business communications transformation project. First, it is crucial to create and manage documents and communications in a collaborative way. Tools like Doxee Workplace and WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) interfaces play a key role in minimizing the frustrations and operational costs typical of process management.

In addition, Doxee Process Designer module greatly simplifies the definition of process workflows. This tool graphically represents the various steps involved in document management and distribution, making the process more user-friendly and efficient.

Doxee Platform® provides an ecosystem of capabilities for managing the creation, management and multichannel distribution of corporate communications, and reduces the impact of integration with the corporate application map, thus improving internal processes and reducing operational costs.

In environments where several diverse systems (such as ERP, CRM and Billing Systems) generate data-driven communications and documents, the platform provides a unified view and interface. This reduces the dependence of business departments like Marketing, Billing, CRM and Sales on the IT department in managing their communications.

Doxee Platform® empowers each business department to independently manage relevant communications. By integrating multiple data sources, it offers effective configuration of the communications design process. In addition, the platform’s multi-format management goes far beyond the traditional production and distribution of PDF or email communications. This includes the ability to create customized, interactive microsites and videos, transforming standard communications into engaging and highly personalized interactive experiences.

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