In the insurance industry, the cost of retaining an existing customer is much lower than that of acquiring a new one. Thus, the time of annual policy renewal represents a crucial opportunity for insurance companies.

This occasion of contact with the customer is of strategic importance in increasing customer value, and can be an opportunity not only for reducing churn rates, but also for making tailor-made offers, improving the Customer Experience, reducing operating costs, and promoting a positive environmental impact.

Digitalizing the renewal process offers a number of benefits. First, it enables insurance companies to simplify their document management processes, by reducing print and mailing costs. In addition, digital transformation facilitates a smoother and more transparent customer experience, reduces the risk of friction and improves overall satisfaction.

Only an advanced digital transformation process is also capable of significantly increasing the digitalization of the customer base, with more efficient document management and improved knowledge of the customer.

Optimizing credit management


Policy renewals become a digital experience

Doxee is a leader in the digitalization of policy renewal processes. Its graphic Design and Authoring modules enable insurance companies to easily create customized document templates with their drag-and-drop interfaces. This greatly simplifies document creation and editing, and enables companies to adapt quickly to the requirements of the customer and changes in the marketplace.

Furthermore, Doxee’s technology enables insurance companies to leverage existing data to deliver a highly personalized customer experience. For example, using information about policy expiration dates, personalized videos and responsive microsites can be sent to customers to guide them through the renewal process in an intuitive and engaging way.

As a simple example, a video can be used to remind each individual user that their expiring policy can be renewed by simply clicking on a button included in the video itself.

Another benefit of digitalizing the renewal process is increased operational efficiency. With Doxee’s technology, operators can quickly access the documents they require and provide personalized assistance to customers in real time.

Finally, a digitalized renewal process has a positive impact on the environment.

Doxee offers Hyperion to its established clients and prospects: an exclusive, state-of-the-art monitoring service that quantifies the positive impact on the planet by calculating CO2 emissions and assessing the impact of document dematerialization. With this system, certified by RINA pursuant to UNI EN ISO 14064-2:2019, Doxee is the ideal partner for companies aiming to achieve their ESG goals and reduce their environmental impact.


Transforming Policy Renewals with Doxee

With Doxee, policy renewal is transformed from a simple transaction into an engaging digital experience for the customer. Doxee’s approach goes beyond simple data input, PDF document creation and formatting, and traditional multichannel delivery via print and mail.

The Doxee Platform naturally extends to multiple touchpoints, starting from a single data pool. This means that, in addition to traditional transactional communications, novel customer-oriented interactions can be created, such as welcome messages, promotions, customer service and loyalty programs. This reduces the costs of technology integration, enhances customer relationships, and enables a personalized, data-driven communication process.

This means that the renewal document can be an opportunity to enrich customer data, for instance by incorporating interactive surveys in videos. The ultimate goal is to increase the digital dimension of customer knowledge and improve customer awareness.


Doxee revolutionizes insurance communication processes

Doxee does not simply turn PDF documents into engaging digital content, but also offers a wide range of features to enrich the entire Customer Journey. The Doxee Platform offers fast, personalized policy renewals management, with a significant increase in renewal rates and reduced communication costs.

Doxee revolutionizes policy renewal processes by offering customized, multichannel communications that streamline operations, promote timely renewals, and improve customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

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With the advanced digitalization offered by Doxee, you can turn policy renewal into a transparent, smooth and engaging experience for your customers.  At the same time, you can reduce operational costs and optimize your ESG impact with innovative solutions for simplifying document template management and personalizing communications.