Design and Authoring

The Design and Authoring module of Doxee Customer Communication Management manages the creation of templates with which to implement all types of communication according to business needs.

Design and Authoring

Design and Authoring

Design is a critical phase for ensuring the proper setup and structuring of customer-centric communication processes, and it’s also the most challenging and complex configuration phase in any CCM project. Here, minimizing the impacts in terms of costs and implementation time, while ensuring the highest graphic quality and efficiency in the communication process, are critical. Doxee Customer Communications Management has specific design modules dedicated to support the different stages of CCM project implementation, enabling template design, communication process design, and “on-the-fly” template editing.

Doxee CCM has multiple modules dedicated to template design: Template Designer and Business Designer, Process Designer for designing communication processes and related approval cycles, and a module for on-the-fly editing of existing templates in the Authoring phase.

Doxee CCM ensures maximum compatibility with all work environments through the use of open standards. In addition, the designer component with its different modules is extremely easy to use thanks to its What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface that makes it possible to create templates, rules, style elements, and everything you need to customize your document through simple drag & drop functionality. With Doxee CCM’s designer, even very complex templates can be generated with the help of graphical configurations and Wizards.

With our intelligent templates, you can create different documents from a single template driven solely by conditions and data, which ensures efficiency and scalability in the production of different document types. Once the templates have been defined, business users and workgroups can work in the same document independently and without employing IT department resources. Each authorized user can enter information, data, links, and additional documentation without fear of making mistakes or overlapping with other content in the document. In the Authoring phase, when creating a document from a previously created template, we ensure speed and correctness of information, especially in activities where customers and operators interact, or in a customer care context where the speed of handling requests is critical, especially when creating content that must be customized based on specific customer requirements. 

Doxee CCM provides the Composer and Workplace components, which are essential for fine-tuning content authoring processes and for defining approval flows that involve multiple business users.  

It is possible to configure different privileges for different types of users for the same template. This provides more security in managing functionality related to user profiles and for being able to customize different areas of the document reserved for them, avoiding errors and ensuring protection from users who do not have the relevant document permissions.

Template Designer

Offers the ability to easily create multiple templates to generate documents and digital communications on demand, supporting the user in the layout and formatting of static and dynamic content. Template Designer is designed to ensure a high-quality user experience thanks to the simple and intuitive user interface that requires no special knowledge. Doxee Template Designer  is designed to be used by business users from marketing, operations, customer support, human resources, or any department. Its intuitive design allows anyone to prepare templates for invoices, quotes, contract documents, or account statements, also thanks to the seamless integration with Doxee’s dedicated customer experience products. To increase time to market when working with a large number of document templates, you can use Template Designer from Doxee CCM to import Word format files and easily transfer them to the desired layout structure. This option greatly reduces the work required to re-create templates within Template Designer, skipping the learning phase of the tool, albeit a simple one, to get straight to creating the desired templates.

Business Designer

This is the web-based tool that allows you to create document templates to generate various types of communications, contracts, invoices, bank statements, and customized advertising messages. With Doxee Business Designer you can create templates that can be filled with static or dynamic information and data. In documents, some parts of text are always the same, such as the company logo, and other content within the same template must not be changed. Other information may be variable and fed from different sources, such as customer databases or other business systems. Even the formatting of the entire document can be defined at the template level with Business Designer, saving the time needed to standardize documents and avoiding human error. In addition, the same style can be automatically applied for several templates or only for certain templates. Business Designer ensures high flexibility in the creation, formatting, and customization of all types of templates. With Doxee, you can create templates that are composed of building blocks. These blocks are referenced in the main template or can be referenced by another block in the template. You can configure these blocks with parameters so that they can also contain logic. For example, you only need to keep a logo or standard header in one place and then reference it in all documents or other building blocks. Building model parts is one of the strongest concepts of the Doxee Business Designer web application. They enable you to reuse simple components within a document. There is a difference between local model parts, which can be reused only within the respective model, and collections of model parts, whose parts can be included in any model.

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