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customer retention in travel sector

Customer retention in travel sector: how to turn travellers into loyal customers thanks to new communication technologies

For humans, the act of traveling is almost as old as humanity itself. For companies doing business in the travel industry,[…]

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews: how to best deal with reviews in the digital age

Customer reviews are defined as the feedback generated by those who have used a company’s product or service.[…]

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increase revenue with up-sell and cross-sell

Increase revenue in the tourism industry with upsell and cross-sell through tailor-made operations

When you travel, what inspires your next destination, and how do you choose the right accommodation, where to eat when you get there,[…]

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why email is still important

Why email is still important and the best way to reach customers

When it comes to communicating with your customers and prospects, although social still has to be part of the marketing strategy,[…]

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asset management companies

Virtuous practices for asset management companies in Italy

Let’s start by taking a closer look at what a financial intermediary and, in particular, an asset management company does.[…]

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customer reviews

Why customer reviews are important for buyers

The rapid spread of the internet and social networks has profoundly changed the way people seek out information about products and services.[…]

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travel industry marketing videos

Travel industry marketing videos: personalization is the definitive boost for customer care

True success in the future of travel will be all about personalization and the impact will be greatest in the travel industry marketing videos.[…]

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financial intermediaries in italy

The role of financial intermediaries in Italy for transforming savings into productive investments

Saints, poets, navigators are just some of the things Italians are known for, but they are also known for being savers.[…]

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How to create a social media editorial plan for the PA

How to create a social media editorial plan for the PA in 5 simple steps

The Public Administration sector is undergoing many changes and one of the most impactful undoubtedly concerns how it communicates with the public.[…]

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