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Eudata customer contact 2018: AI, personalized videos and chatbot online for customer service

The development of artificial intelligence and the technology revolution that it has activated is becoming one of the main drivers for the creation of tools that organizations can use to build closer relationships with customers and markets. Thanks to technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), it is increasingly easier to create human-machine interfaces that simulate a “human” relationship using voice or written text as the communication channel.

Just a few years ago, these technologies were mainly applied to make customer care processes more efficient. Today, new processes are underway to expand the functionality of tools such as chatbots to support and develop the business in other ways, especially for marketing and sales processes.

In this context, personalized video tools such as Doxee Pvideo® and chatbots are two sides of the same coin, two of the most effective tools to offer customers and users unique experiences through interactive and highly efficient communication channels.

Doxee has always paid great attention to issues related to artificial intelligence (AI) and the digital customer experience. For the second year in a row, we attended the Customer Contact conference, hosted by Eudata, last fall in Milan. As part of the event, I gave a short speech with my colleague Stefano Cavedoni (click here to view the presentation – in Italian) on the themes of Digital Customer Experience and the use of Doxee Pvideo® in the insurance sector to support business processes and reduce churn. Download the AXA Case Study at the bottom of the page.

The event was very well organized, and it was an excellent opportunity to take stock of the customer experience issues related to the use of AI and cognitive computing technologies.


AI and cognitive computing to support customer conversations

One of the most interesting sessions was the presentation from Alessandro Monico of Expert System, which focused on the theme of cognitive computing (click here to view the slides – in Italian). Through its Cogito platform, Expert System offers one of the most effective NLP engines on the market, one that is capable of extremely high accuracy combined with high capacity and processing speed.

Another interesting speech was of our host Stefano Parisi, CEO of Eudata, who presented the latest features of Convy, its chatbot online that uses the Cogito NLP Engine. It was interesting to hear more about the issues related to the use of chatbot online through different channels, as well as the latest of Amazon Echo and other voice assistants.

In general, what we are witnessing is a progressive use of these technologies in different areas to optimize the user experience, extending it to all or many of the channels available to offer a multi/omnichannel experience, which not only make customer care processes more efficient, but also improve  customer’s perception, and stimulate upselling and cross-selling processes.


Synergies for Personalization and chatbots

In general, we see strong synergy between personalized videos and chatbots, where the latter becomes a real omnichannel communication tool able to distribute personalized videos, which may be generated as the interaction between the chatbot online and the user or on the basis of data. This could be applied during the process of completing a purchase process or in a request for assistance, including any call-to-action or other processes necessary to close the interaction within the video, essentially maintaining the funnel and without potential dispersion points.


Chatbot online and Doxee Pweb®

For personalized micro-sites services such as Doxee Pweb®, the synergy with chatbots is much more direct and concrete, especially in the Telco and Utility sectors. Customized micro-sites are increasingly establishing themselves as real customer areas, generated on the basis of individual customer data and distributed through virtually any digital channel.

Products such as Doxee Pweb® are increasingly being used to simplify the customer’s access to support, documentation, billing and self-service options. In this perspective, a product like Eudata’s Convy can easily be integrated into Doxee Pweb® to offer an even more interactive and effective experience.


Digital Customer Experience planning, AI, chatbots and personalization

The use of AI to support the simplification of customer relationship management processes is a well-established trend in the sector. NLP and Cognitive Computing technologies are now established tools in the creation of interfaces dedicated to human-machine interaction.

In designing a Digital Customer Experience strategy, multi-channel chatbots, personalized video, and micro-sites are all useful tools for building a customer experience, reaching the customer through multiple channels, and offering information and personalized content.

The partnership between Doxee and Eudata will offer various tools with the goal of improving customers’ ability to communicate with their customer base, expanding the available communication channels available, and making them more efficient and measurable.


Learn more about Doxee Pvideo® for Insurance AXA & MPS. Download the case study:

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