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Doxee and Enel: a successful, ever-evolving partnership

Enel is an Italian multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas. The company, first established as a public body at the end of 1962, was privatized in 1999 following the liberalization of the electricity market in Italy.

Since then, Enel started to evolve quickly, not only through successful rebranding, but a structural digital transformation. A cloud transformation, to be exact, that made the Italian company a true pioneer of cloud computing in the field of energy providers.  To hear Fabio Veronese, head of Infrastructure and Technological Services discuss how Enel transformed their company through an effective cloud IT strategy, click on this video.

But why are we telling you this story? Well, because Doxee, a long time partner of Enel, has played a crucial role in this success story. The partnership, which started in 2013 with electronic invoicing services for accredited traders, has evolved and expanded the same service to the public administration as a consequence of a legislative change. The key element of the partnership’s success was, and still is, the reliability of the provided services.

Afterwards, in 2017, for document composition and archiving services in Romania, Enel again selected Doxee because of the company’s project design capabilities, international experience, and expertise in cloud-based services.

And the evolution didn’t limit itself to European soil. Through its subsidiary Endesa, Enel currently provides services in South America, which is the latest landing of the company’s international expansion. There, Enel supplies power to Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. The need to manage high-volumes of data across such diverse territories, each with its own specific regulations and demands, was one of the main reasons behind the cloud transformation.

The range of Doxee services leveraged by Enel across the five South America counties is broad and diversified. For the document layout composition service, both batch and on-demand, we manage all the dx services for Brazil, Perù, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia from a single production center. A pervasive integration between front-office, including Salesforce, and back-office services configures the Doxee architecture as an actual cloud-based document management system.

Despite the challenges connected with the complex integration between pre-existing systems across the various regions, the partnership with Doxee allowed the Italian energy giant to simplify the integration process and to easily succeed at expanding into new Latin American territories.

Its an ever-evolving project, which will soon feature new Doxee ix services in addition to the traditional ones, to reinforce and expand the digital transformation process.

Particularly, thanks to the Pweb interactive bills (part of our ix services), together with Enel we plan to achieve the same success we previously obtained with other Doxee clients. For example, Fastweb, an Italian telco company, has expanded its digital customer base from 35% to 90% in just three years, primarily due to its partnership with Doxee.

We believe that this success case, demonstrating the collaboration between Enel and Doxee, is just the first chapter of a long, successful story that still needs to be told. After all, when it comes to digital and cloud-computing, it is hard to set limits to the imagination.

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