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Our most popular stories in 2017

Well, another year has gone by. Many things happened on our planet in the past 365 days. Some were awesome, some others terrible.

Even if it seemed impossible, the controversial billionaire Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. We make no judgments on this event. On August 21st, the stunning image of an eclipsed black sun went all over the world. The iPhone X came to life, with the promise to reshape our idea of smartphones once again. The Bitcoin mania exploded. Catalunya announced a historical referendum for its independence from Spain. The ‘Paradise Papers’ unveiled the elite’s most hidden secrets. Also, for the first time, a particle has been ‘teleported’ into space by Chinese scientists.

And what about us, here at Doxee? We have been quite busy. The list is long and we don’t want to bore you. We’ll just mention that we have created a new, highly effective approach for collecting taxes in the Italian cities of Palermo, Milano, Ancona, and Genova. We designed the digital version of the Cesena city’s Major. And we turned the boring practices to request an ID into an engaging and personalized experience.

Last but not least, we kept you company, telling you dozens of stories about the world of digital and marketing. One every week. Here are the ones that you liked the most:

1. Paul Campani and the Art of Storytelling

2. City of Ancona and Doxee deliver right touches to collect refuse tax

3. Doxee featured among CCM key players according to Madison Advisors


Happy 2018.



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