In the complex landscape of insurance communications, template management across touchpoints, from policy contracts to claim resolution tutorials, has been a crucial challenge for years. The wide variety of interactions, online and offline, into which the insurance journey is divided requires an equally wide range of templates.

However, the lack of control over graphical and authoring aspects, the complexity in creating the template and the rigidity in customizing it create significant obstacles in the policy generation process. Disorganized template management without consistent logic amplifies inefficiencies and increases costs.

As we will see in this article, there are tools that enable efficient and scalable template production. Tools that enable centralized template management, and ensure maximum consistency across channels.

We are talking about the Design and Authoring graphic modules of Doxee’s Customer Communication Management. Let’s try to go deeper.




The challenge: difficulties in managing different templates on touchpoints  

From policy contracts to renewal proposals, service communications to company policy updates, from up-selling and cross-selling proposals to claims resolution tutorials -the diversified nature of insurance communications requires a wide variety of templates.

Lack of control and an inadequate range of options for differentiating layout, excessively complex template creation and inflexible personalization options are all critical challenges that slow down and burden the policy generation process, as well as making it more costly.

The fundamental challenge is that very often template management is done in an improvised and disorganized manner.

To improve the quality of documents, optimize production workflows and reduce costs, template management tools providing centralized control, real-time updates, and consistency across all channels are absolutely essential.


The solution: collaborative design, authoring and access

Difficulties in template management can be effectively overcome with the dedicated solutions included in the Doxee Platform®, such as the Design and Authoring graphic modules of Doxee’s Customer Communication Management system.

These tools ensure efficient, scalable generation of a variety of types of templates. They can be considered functions that speed up and make more efficient the process of generating and sending documents and experiential communications. In particular:

  • Doxee CCM’s Design and Authoring modules enable template and communication process design and “on-the-fly” template editing. They enable templates to be accessed by multiple users, who can thus take coordinated action on a given document while having a real-time, complete and up-to-date overview of changes made by all parties.
  • With the Composer and Workplace modules, companies can define approval flows involving multiple users, and configure the privileges accorded to different types of user for any given template. In this way, the management of functionality in relation to user profiles is totally secure. And one can also customize different areas of a document to prevent errors and changes being made by unauthorized users.

The designer component is also extremely easy to use thanks to its What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface that employs a drag&drop approach to custom template, rule, and style creation for documents.


The opportunity for a new, personalized and error-free customer experience

In this article we explained why difficult template management burdens and makes the policy generation process more expensive. And we showed how Doxee Platform® enables the problem to be solved.

In conclusion, Doxee products can be used effectively in template management to optimize insurance policy generation.

  • Doxee CCM improves document quality, optimizes workflow and reduces costs by providing collaborative access and advanced configurability.
  • The Design and Authoring graphic modules of Doxee’s Customer Communication Management are key tools for efficient and scalable template production. They simplify the process through features such as dynamic “on-the-fly” design and a user-friendly WYSIWYG interface. As we have seen, collaborative access promotes coordination among users and reduces the risk of errors.
  • The Composer and Workplace modules allow flexible configurations, which provide greater security in managing approval flows.

The impact Doxee Platform® can have on policy generation is powerful: optimizing business processes translates directly into the opportunity to design a new, personalized, error-free customer experience.

By addressing the challenges of insurance document creation and personalization, Doxee’s platform offers centralized control, real-time updates and total consistency across all communication channels.