In the insurance industry, continuing to produce and distribute paper documents, rather than a rational choice, testifies to a lack of awareness with respect to the serious environmental and financial consequences of insufficient digitization.

The negative impact, both in terms of environmental sustainability and operating costs, is now evident. And the delay with which the digitization of the customer base of some insurance companies is proceeding ends up undermining their business efficiency.

The still widespread preference for paper policies and renewals is often due to the lack of customer consent to receive those same documents in digital format. An effective solution to the challenge is offered by Doxee technology, which enables the rapid expansion of the number of users ready to receive digital communications.

Doxee’s is a strategic and holistic approach. The goal is twofold: to drastically reduce the costs associated with the production and distribution of paper documents and to improve the effectiveness of digital communications by introducing personalization and interactivity.


The challenge: delay in adoption of paperless communication modes

In the insurance industry, many companies continue very often to mail out printed documents like policies and renewals. They do this because they cannot distribute pdfs by email unless their users declare their consent to receiving it digitally.

This choice – which is often more a matter of inertia – to continue investing in printed communications has a considerable negative impact in terms of environmental protection and operating costs, by now unsustainable, as well as accumulated delays in digitalizing the customer base.

Doxee technology makes it possible to rapidly increase the number of customers prepared to receive communications in digital form. How?


The solution: digitalizing policy generation

The transformation begins by sending out automated messages to the company’s customer emails (text messages are also an option). Then, by capturing the customers’ responses, Doxee’s solutions enable the company to achieve some important results.

On the one hand, they can check that the addresses are valid, and on the other hand, they can request, possibly by means of interactive content or on a landing page, consent to the reception of digital documents.

This consent assures the company that its digital data are valid, and also expands its digitalized customer base. In this way, the company can reduce or even eliminate the costs of printed communications (production, postage, transportation, and delivery of documents).

But even more importantly, the company now has the option of sending the customer videos and digital content rather than costly, cumbersome printed documents.

Printed insurance policies, which are rather information-poor, are thus accompanied or even replaced by digital communications based on individual customer profiles, and can thus be personalized and natively interactive.


Simplify and speed up the policy generation process with Doxee Platform

Doxee’s tools for simplifying and speeding up the transition from inflexible printed policies to versatile digital communications include Doxee Platform.

Insurance policy generation and renewal processes benefit to an incredible extent from the versatility and power of interactive content. The interactive experiences provided by Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb® enable the creation of valuable data-based relationships.

The evolution of policy generation

In this article we wanted to shed light on the persistence in the insurance industry of anachronistic trends such as the preference for paper documents. These are choices that end up dramatically decreasing business efficiency.

We then highlighted how delays in moving to paperless communications are often attributable to customers’ lack of consent to receive digital communications.

Doxee technology then emerges as a key solution to overcome resistance from wary users. Through tools that are seamlessly integrated into the Doxee platform, such as Doxee Booster, the entire process can be simplified and enriched, enabling quick verification of addresses and facilitating consent acquisition through engaging interactive content.

This strategy not only improves the effectiveness of digital communications, but also drastically reduces the costs associated with the production and distribution of paper documents, primarily policies.

This is why faster and more sustainable adoption of paperless communication modes evolves critical touchpoints such as policy generation and renewal.

Discover how effective digitization can not only improve business efficiency but also reduce environmental impact and operational costs.

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