In the insurance industry, companies must respond to an urgent challenge: they must be able to fully exploit the information potential of the data they hold without having to resort to multiple integrations. Indeed, properly and efficiently integrating data that come from different sources is one of the major concerns facing insurers today.

Even now, insurance companies are often structured in multiple silos, with separate departments using separate systems to translate data into the different types of communication. Such a situation produces inevitable inefficiencies.

By enabling the generation of different types of communication from a single data source, Doxee platform® is the solution that can solve the challenge. Through a single layer of integration, the collected data are used to create pdfs and paginated documents. Not only that, the same data can be used to make experiential communications such as personalized videos and mini-sites.

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What is data integration?

Data integration includes all operations that combine data from different sources into a unified view. Being able to rely on a single view enables organizations to formulate informed decision-making processes and effectively carry out their business operations.

Specifically, through integration operations, data from various systems or applications are aggregated and transformed to then be used according to the goals the company intends to achieve.

In an industry as complex as insurance, being able to rely on powerful and reliable data integration tools is, as we shall see, of crucial importance. In particular, direct and centralized access to data profoundly influences policy generation processes and the quality of the customer experience.


The challenge: too many integrations to implement different types of communication

Data integration enables organizations to make informed decisions, obtain in-depth information, and support business processes like insurance policy generation.

Traditionally, insurance companies have always operated in a compartmentalized fashion, with each department using different systems to translate data into their separate communications. That is why the modern insurance industry is faced with the need to enhance the potential of information without having to resort to multiple integration processes.

To be able to make efficient use of the enormous amount of data at their disposal, insurance companies must first do away with the barriers between different sets of information to ensure full interoperability of their numerous systems.


The solution: generate multiple types of communication from a single source of data

With Doxee platform®, numerous different types of communication can be generated from a single source of data.

With a single layer of integration, data collected from the field, or part of that data – for example, data used in generating policies – is used to produce pdfs and paginated documents for sending to the end customer via off-line and on-line channels.

However, Doxee’s technology also enables it to quickly generate multiple transactional documents and experiential communications to promote conversion (videos and microsites) from the very same source of data.

  • Personalized videos Doxee Pvideo® can summarize policy terms by incorporating user-related information (such as policy number and expiration date) into engaging storytelling.
  • Doxee Pweb® responsive microsites distribute dynamic, interactive web content, building it in response to the recipient’s data. Doxee Pweb® has proved to be very useful in terms of user empowerment and accountability.

This approach transforms the insurance policy into an interactive, two-way communication. Data is used to its fullest potential to increase the value of the customer experience, create engagement and nurture a sense of trust over the long term.


The insurance policy: from an inert text to a space for dialogue

In this article, we highlighted the huge critical issues that arise from the many integrations that companies are obliged to make if they do not equip themselves with the appropriate tools. Thus, we emphasized that enhancing information potential without resorting to multiple integrations is now a top priority for insurance companies as well.

It is in this context that Doxee platform®, the innovative solution that offers the possibility of generating different types of communication from a single data source, is established. Doxee technology breaks down the barriers between conventional compartmentalized operations, and enables more efficient data management by promoting interoperability between systems.

Through a single layer of integration, Doxee technology maximizes the use of data while increasing the overall value of the customer experience. On the one hand it streamlines policy generation and on the other it transforms the very structure of transactional documents from inert texts to communication spaces open to dialogue.

By harnessing the full potential of data, Doxee platform® demonstrates that an integrated approach is the key to success in the insurance industry.

With just one level of integration, you’ll be able to transform static data into dynamic and engaging communications, enhancing the customer experience and forging a lasting bond with clients.

Don’t miss the opportunity to optimize your business operations and stand out in the insurance market.

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