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how to differentiate a brand in travel sector

How to differentiate a brand in the travel sector and stand out from the crowd

The Travel & Tourism sector is constantly expanding and changing, thanks to the digital revolution. In this ever-changing ecosystem,[…]

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customer experience in utilities

The fundamental role of customer experience in the utilities – the water sector

In the utility industry, and in the water sector in particular, customer experience has never been so important.[…]

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digital transformation in travel sector

Digital transformation in the travel & tourism sector: 3 trends that travel marketers need to know

Tourism is a profitable and growing industry that is experiencing continuous change, thanks to digital transformation.[…]

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Utility innovation technology

Utility innovation technology: the challenges of technological innovation and communication with users for companies in the water sector

Everything changes and everything is renewed, in nature, as well as in business. Companies must be able to adapt to those changes and ride the wave of transformation in order to survive and thrive.[…]

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company and customer

How the IoT is creating a stronger connection between company and customer

Europe has recently taken a big step towards using the Internet of Things (IoT) across industries. This is having a huge effect on how companies in the continent run their businesses.[…]

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digital transformation in utilities

Digital transformation in utilities – focus on the water utilities sector

Water and digital may sound like a strange combination, but like much of the utilities industry today, the water sector is also undergoing its own digital transformation.[…]

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Video Content Marketing

4 reasons why you need to use Video Content Marketing

Communication.  Engagement.  Interaction.  These kinds of words, and others like them, have become the mantras of marketing gurus and business attraction experts.[…]

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water sector

Marketing and Communication in the water sector: challenges and best practices

The water sector, like the entire Utility sector, is going through a phase of profound change.[…]

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behavioral loyalty

The importance of behavioral loyalty in the Utility industry: how to retain customers through personalization

Today the main challenge for companies in the Utility sector is to retain their customers in a market that has become fluid and hyper-competitive.[…]

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reduce customer churn rate

5 methods to reduce customer churn rate in the utilities sector

Customer churn is a reality that almost every company has to deal with, especially those in the hyper-competitive Utilities and Energy sector.[…]

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