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what is inbound marketing

What Inbound Marketing is and where it’s going: Outbound and other disruptors

What is Inbound Marketing? At an operational level, inbound marketing is about creating high-quality content,[…]

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cloud computing trends

Cloud Computing – 7 new trends for the future

In the business world, there are few technologies that have had a greater impact than Cloud Computing.

According to a 2018 study by Gartner,[…]

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documents dematerialization

Documents dematerialization – The 8 most important trends

We are living in the midst of an unprecedented revolution that has affected the lives of individuals, society itself, and economy itself: digital transformation.[…]

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enhancing the employee experience

Enhancing the Employee Experience through dematerialization

Binders full of paper, stacked in rows on shelves: soon, such an image will only be a memory and a past that,[…]

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The importance of Cloud Computing for improving Customer Service processes

Cloud Computing has become a central, precious, and indispensable element of our current digital ecosystem.

According to a 2018 study by Gartner,[…]

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personalization in retail marketing

Personalizing Retail marketing: a cross selling and omnichannel strategy for customer satisfaction

A crucial moment for any brand is the sale, the moment the customer makes a purchase.[…]

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how to improve communication with customers

How to improve communication with customers through to dematerialization

Dematerialization is, in its simplest form, the process of converting a paper document into a digital document. […]

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big data and cloud computing relationship

Big Data and Cloud Computing relationship: a perfect combination

Today there are two major issues at the heart of IT specifically and business in general: Cloud Computing,[…]

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online retail marketing strategy

Online Retail marketing strategy for an increasingly personalized customer experience

A change of perspective marks the inexorable return of the consumer to the center of business decisions.[…]

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analog to digital document

Digital Timestamp: manage the transition from analog to digital documents

The transition from analog to digital document is underway at all levels. In this transition phase,[…]

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