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why email is still important

Why email is still important and the best way to reach customers

When it comes to communicating with your customers and prospects, although social still has to be part of the marketing strategy,[…]

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travel industry marketing videos

Travel industry marketing videos: personalization is the definitive boost for customer care

True success in the future of travel will be all about personalization and the impact will be greatest in the travel industry marketing videos.[…]

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personalization in travel sector

Personalization: The new trend of the Travel & Tourism sector

Tourists around the world are increasing every year.
If in 1990 they were “only” 400 million tourists, and “only”[…]

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how to increase travel sector conversions

How to increase conversions in the travel sector: 5 effective methods

If you asked most people to make a list of the things they dream about, in that list, there will be at least one trip to someplace in the world,[…]

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big data in the travel industry

Big data in the travel industry: Why it’s valuable and how to make the most of it

With digital transformation, nothing is the same as before, and this is especially the case for growing Travel &[…]

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Effective storytelling

Effective storytelling – how to create engaging stories able to capture your readers’ attention


What is storytelling?

In the Neolithic age, the first storytellers used cave walls,[…]

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storytelling tourism

The Travel and Tourism sector cannot survive without storytelling – Here’s why

When we travel, the journey begins long before the time of departure. It starts when we look for inspiration on the web,[…]

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italy e-invoicing news

The 2019 news about e-invoicing introduced by Agenzia delle Entrate in Italy

Electronic invoicing is increasingly relevant for companies doing business in Europe. Regardless of the sector, individuals and businesses will want to know as much as possible about the tools,[…]

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innovative video in banking sector

Innovative and personalized video in the banking sector: Postel chooses Doxee Pvideo® to communicate the arrival of the Smart Booklet

The spread of digital is radically changing the bank-client relationship. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group,[…]

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how to differentiate a brand in travel sector

How to differentiate a brand in the travel sector and stand out from the crowd

The Travel & Tourism sector is constantly expanding and changing, thanks to the digital revolution. In this ever-changing ecosystem,[…]

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