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advantages of dematerialization

Printed vs digital documents – The advantages of dematerialization

Digital transformation is perhaps the most decisive issue of our time. It has had a huge impact on our lives,[…]

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consideration customer journey

The consideration phase in the customer journey: Unconventional marketing to evolve the brand-customer relationship

One of the most fundamental aspects of the customer journey is where consumers exercise their freedom of choice.[…]

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ccm strategy advantages

The 5 advantages of an effective CCM strategy

Adopting a CCM strategy poses significant challenges for every company, but it is also an opportunity to radically change the way the company works and communicates.[…]

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open banking

Open banking and Strong Customer Authentication: the importance of communicating a revolution

Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter. This summer, his name was in the headlines for an unpleasant event: his personal account was hacked and used to spread offensive and racist tweets online.[…]

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permission marketing video

Guerrilla marketing and Permission marketing: the role of animated videos in inbound strategies

An animated video with 180 million views on Youtube, a song that, just hours after its launch,[…]

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A new innovative communication: from the omni-channel approach to Customer Communication Management

The way companies communicate has changed. There is no longer a single channel, but many. There is no longer a single device,[…]

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Guerrilla marketing and video marketing: differences and similarities of two popular tools

Guerrilla marketing can be defined as the set of unconventional tactics used to achieve conventional goals (above all: profit) within a small budget.[…]

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Dematerialization in document archiving for the Public Administration

The issues of digitization and dematerialization are now more central than ever before. Not only are consumers and citizens aware of these issues,[…]

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