Doxee is pleased to announce a major partnership with RGI to launch new applications dedicated to end-to-end management of insurance processes.

RGI, a leading company in the digital transformation of the European insurance market, issued the new release of the PASS_Insurance 4.0 – Policy Administration System for Life and Non-Life Insurance Companies, a complete core system that supports the entire insurance cycle.

This new release of PASS_Insurance includes the PASS_Doc Evolution module, the first result of the collaboration between the two companies. The new PASS_Doc Evolution module allows insurance companies to manage, in a totally digital and cloud-native way, processes related to the production of documents, such as policies and insurance modules.

PASS_Doc Evolution integrates some of the features of the Doxee dX product, which guarantees agility and high productivity in document management.

The integration of Doxee dX functionalities in PASS_Doc Evolution makes it easier to iterate between insurance company and customers, making processes related to the creation and distribution of documents and communications agile and effective. The flexibility offered by dX functionalities provides insurance companies with the ability to quickly adapt to market changes and significantly improves the customer experience.

Doxee has been serving the insurance industry for many years, providing companies with highly innovative products that enable them to communicate with customers in an interactive and personalized way, thus improving engagement and loyalty.

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