Doxee and its platform are among only 12 vendors worldwide, and the only Italian company, to have met the criteria for the report, which is published by the international analytics firm Celent, a division of the Oliver Wyman Group, Inc.

This is the result of Doxee’s constant investments in R&D and as a part of the company’s overall strategy of continuous technological innovation in its Doxee Platform software. This constant commitment to the development of new technologies has made it possible for the company to offer innovative products in response to the progressive growth in the insurance and banking sectors.

Celent’s Customer Communications Management Systems report evaluates the leading vendors of banking and insurance technologies and solutions in the CCM market. The report focused on the proprietary Doxee Platform, developed by the Modena, Italy based company, which has nearly 20 years of experience in the management of mission-critical processes for some of the largest, most important Italian and international companies in the finance, utility, telco, and media sectors. The analysis recognizes the Doxee Platform as a multi-cloud and multi-tenant platform equipped with advanced data processing and communication management features.

The platform is designed to enable multi-national organizations to quickly roll out global communications, and it can be quickly integrated with existing internal systems and platforms, such as those for CRM, ERP, and Marketing Automation, to create personalized documents and interactive content from customer data. With the Doxee Platform, customers can create and deploy multi-channel transactional communications such as bank statements, bills and invoices, as well as interactive content such as personalized websites and videos, improving the customer experience and elevating communications to digital conversations.

According to Craig Focardi, analyst and author of  Celent report, “Doxee has helped bring many of its customers digital with traditional CCM systems,” adding that “Doxee develops a significant component of its business and supports the digital transformation of its customers through personalized video-based communications to create interactive digital experiences for customers, including, for example, videos to support the renewal of automobile insurance policies”.

As pointed out by Focardi, Doxee interactive experience ix products enable banking and insurance organizations to create highly interactive experiences for their customers, which are extremely effective in terms of Customer Experience. The interactive experience line includes Doxee Pweb® for creating personalized and attractive web sites and interactive Doxee Pvideo® for generating dynamic, highly interactive and personalized videos. Their adoption creates powerful synergies to transform customer communications into real two-way conversations, characterized by high-value personalized content, resulting in high-end customer engagement.

Focardi added that, “In addition, Doxee’s CCM product offers digital transaction management, electronic invoicing, and legally compliant digital archiving”. This refers to the paperless experience px line that allows companies to manage the complete dematerialization of business processes related to compliance such as Electronic Invoicing, Digital Storage, and Electronic Ordering, all those three products dedicated to support the digital ordering processes for Italian and European Public Administrations.

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