Data-Telling project developed for Invesco Italy

Doxee has developed a corporate reporting project for Invesco Italia to maximize the effectiveness of the investment firm’s internal and external communications, continuing its commitment to automated and personalized data-telling in the Financial Services sector.

The agreement with Invesco Italia, an independent investment management company operating globally and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, will see the use of Doxee Group technologies for transforming data and creating video to promote financial insights on individual investment products to make communication to investors more effective.

Leveraging considerable volumes of financial data from various complex sources, video reports are automatically generated to dynamically represent the characteristics and performance of each individual financial product in a personalized way, simplifying their use and improving communication methods.

The project for Invesco Italia was developed entirely with the latest release of Doxee Pvideo®, which incorporates the features of the Babelee platform dedicated to the fully automated production of dynamic videos that are able to work with a large amount of variable data. The Babelee platform was created by Littlesea, the subsidiary that became part of the Doxee Group in 2020. Littlesea, now renamed Babelee Srl, meets the needs of SMEs, especially those operating in foreign markets and in sectors where there is a strong need to communicate effectively through technologies that can customize content.

The agreement with Invesco Italia also saw the collaboration between Doxee and Nextmedia Lab, a creative and digital production agency that creates innovative communication projects with innovative applications and media. Nextmedia Lab designed the reporting display formats, developing the graphic layout and the content in video format, in order to render reporting data and visualization of financial returns and performance data related to different Invesco Italia financial products both immediate and captivating

Rita Schirinzi, Marketing Director for Italy at Invesco ManagementIn 2020, we witnessed a real digital revolution. We needed to adapt quickly to a new type of communication, a model that fully understood the new needs of customers to be informed, essentially in real time, about everything that was happening around them, including investments. In Nextmedia Lab and Doxee, we identified ideal partners for creating interactive videos that, thanks to the effectiveness and simplicity of the messages, soon became an extremely useful tool for the consumption of financial content related to investment strategies, replacing the static nature of the PDF without replicating it. We found ourselves in front of a changed client: our task is to keep up with the times and develop tools that are able to satisfy his expectations and preferences.

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee: “The personalized video reporting designed and developed by Doxee is able to simultaneously diversify delivery and content depending on the recipient, ensuring fast time-to-market and responding optimally to the needs of geographically distributed organizations. We are proud that Invesco Italia has taken the opportunity to use an innovative, video-based communication to raise the market proposition capacity of its specialists. When it comes to investments, communication plays a fundamental role. For this reason, we will continue to invest here to make the most advanced digital tools available to the BFSI sector, where data and information are transformed to display the relevant and essential content of corporate reporting in video format, automating and diversifying the messages, even for high frequency publication.

Doxee Pvideo® has an established presence in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sectors, where it improves the productivity and efficiency of customers, including Banca Monte Dei Paschi di Siena, which has been using the company’s reporting mode in a personalized video format for both management and in numerous branches to communicate the performance achieved regarding assigned objectives, sharing short-, medium-, and long-term visions of sales strategies, and reducing the perceived distance between headquarters and branches in the territory.

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