Doxee announced today that the subsidiary Littlesea S.r.l.  has changed its name to Babelee S.r.l.

The name change concludes the rebranding process for Babelee, which began in 2020 following its acquisition by Doxee Group.

The Babelee company is a leader in the video automation sector. The proprietary cloud-native Babelee platform developed in-house transforms complex databases and heterogeneous information into dynamic, interactive, and personalized videos that are created automatically in real-time. The Babelee platform enables partners and customers to produce videos with those features in complete autonomy.

In this context, as part of the strategic expansion choices of the Doxee group, Babelee S.r.l. will be focused on expanding the group into the media and publishing sector, promoting the Babelee platform for automated video content generation and distribution processes by leveraging its video automation and integration features.

In addition, the new company will also develop the indirect channel in foreign markets, with a specific focus on creating a partner program to promote Babelee platform adoption among Digital and Media agencies in EMEA, US and Canada, and LATAM.

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee and Babelee stated: Babelee and its technology platform expands and optimizes the group’s positioning, making it possible to enter a new sector, where the demand for dedicated features for automated video production is growing rapidly. In addition, we are developing an international partner network to allow Babelee to quickly acquire new market share abroad. This will allow us to maximize intra-group synergies by adding further flexibility and uniqueness to our offering, strengthening our positioning, and supporting communication processes based on data-telling, making them even more innovative and transforming them into a source of competitive advantage.” 

The rebranding and change in scope of Babelee’s international positioning are in response to the needs of companies in the media&publishing sectors and to Digital Agencies, that are asking for scalable, easily usable technology that is able to enhance the value of data in the process of creating automated videos, and revolutionizing communication with their customers through interactivity and personalization features.

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