Customer needs are at the heart of Doxee’s vision 

Doxee announced that it has begun releasing the third generation of the cloud-based Doxee Platform™. Paolo Cavicchioli, President of Doxee, stated: “We are proud to announce this major release of the Doxee Platform™, the result of our constant commitment to research and development and to the tremendous experience that we have gained in the process of serving our customers for managing mission-critical communication processes. The new generation of the Doxee Platform™ is designed for open API architecture and to support hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios, ensuring compatibility with the main cloud platforms. The new release allows us to improve the integration of the Doxee product lines—document experience, paperless experience, and interactive experience—by enabling new models to support the digital transformation of communication processes. This allows us to continue to offer our customers innovative solutions and products  for managing their customer experience.

The new release of the Doxee Platform™ is designed to further maximize the scalability and reliability benefits offered by the previous version, even in multi-cloud and hybrid usage scenarios. By enhancing these cloud-related features, Doxee makes new features for data processing and analysis available, enabling customers to manage multiple vertical scenarios and new use cases.

With the redesign of the new platform, Doxee has also redesigned the user experience, simplifying processes for various applications and making it more user friendly overall. Moreover, the Doxee Platform improves customers’ time-to-market by standardizing activation and roll-out processes.

Robert Dosen, CTO of Doxee commented: “The third-generation Doxee Platform™ offers greater flexibility, scalability, and service availability. This major release is designed under the API-first technology paradigm, and it is based on innovative architecture such as containers, micro-services, and cloud-native technologies. The integrated multi-site and multi-cloud management features benefit customers by enabling them to manage a wide variety of deployment scenarios.

The launch of the Doxee Platform™ starts with the release of the paperless experience product, which will be followed by the progressive availability of all the core features that enable the interactive experience and document experience lines.

As part of Doxee’s expansion strategy into new markets, the new platform supports the creation of cloud services, which aligns with the lean and geographically distributed business models typical of the SME and SMB markets, of which Doxee aims to gain market share.

For Doxee, technological innovation is the foundation of its business. The company invests an average of 13% of annual revenue in research and development, and it works closely with research institutions and universities. These initiatives are a testament to Doxee’s ongoing commitment to innovation and for creating solid connections with the local business communities where it operates. In addition, Doxee’s certifications, accreditations, and patents (including for Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb®), are a further guarantee of its commitment to ensuring high-quality, reliable processes for its customers.

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