Partnerships with ENGIE, Eni gas e luce, Sorgenia have been consolidated during the COVID-19 emergency

Doxee continues its strong commitment to supporting its Utility customers in the digitization of communication and billing processes.
The COVID-19 emergency has prompted many companies in the Utility sector to accelerate their digital transformation. This includes enabling customers to use all digital channels and tools to quickly and easily access their information, to enjoy the various digital services available, and to enable payments directly from a PC or smartphone, without leaving the home. As the digitization partner of many Utility leaders, Doxee helps companies revise their customer relationship strategy and innovate their communication processes. Doxee is working with industry leaders to design a personalized, interactive bill that is based on the consumption habits of individual customers. This enables users to make use of the various digital ecosystems that have proven useful during the COVID-19 emergency.

The historic collaboration between Doxee and ENGIE, which has always focused on digitization to enhance customer relationships and improve the experience, has allowed the company to quickly develop a campaign at the beginning of the emergency period with the aim of reaching and motivating customers accustomed to traditional channels to guide them to use direct, streamlined, and sustainable digital communication.

The key is the digitization of the customer base. For many organizations during the COVID-19 emergency, the adoption of Doxee products and the strengthening of digital channels and tools such as apps and dynamic bills have allowed them to ensure continuity of their customer relationships and reduce operating expenses by up to 25%. This lays the foundation for developing innovative services and dedicated offers through communications that are personalized for each individual user.
For Eni gas e luce, digital transformation is aimed at the continuous innovation of processes and systems with a view toward offering positive experiences and increasing proximity to customers. During the emergency period, Eni gas and light, thanks to support offered also by Doxee, has been able to maintain a constant connection with customers by rapidly activating digital relationship tools, and will prioritize their adoption thanks to a wider digitalized customer base.

In the digital transformation of communication, the customer is the real focus. Digital enables a deep transformation of relationship and business models, accelerating technological innovation and the introduction of new services. This is the case of Sorgenia, an Italian utility that considers digital to be an invaluable customer relations tool. Enrico Celotto, Chief Marketing Officer of Doxee, commented on this strategic choice: “Forward-thinking companies like Sorgenia have understood that digital transformation is no longer an option but an essential condition on which to base the growth of the business in the coming years. Customer data—an essential asset—is critical to these processes and enables business models that were previously unthinkable; today it is a source of double-digit growth for the Utility sector”.

Doxee has been supporting some of the Utility industry’s most important companies with innovative technologies that enable the digitization of different processes for several years now. Through highly personalized communications that are engaging and interactive, Doxee supports companies in processes for digital payments and services for improving the digital customer experience.
This “new normal” has created new opportunities, including a deep review of the relationships between a company and its customers and the possibility of introducing new digital channels or enhancing their use. It has fostered the adoption of digital models and processes, forcing many to review their organizational and operational structures. These choices, as demonstrated by the experiences mentioned above, generate customer value in the form of a simple and effective experience.
Digital is also a strategic value for the future. The ability to acquire and leverage data is an invaluable asset that can support the development of new business models that support growth in the years to come. In this context, Doxee’s products are able to quickly enable business strategies aimed at digitization, enhancing data to transform it into value for customers.

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