Doxee included in Now Tech report on Custumer Communication Management providers report by Independent Research Firm.

January 30, 2019

Doxee has been included in Forrester’s Now Tech: Customer Communications Management, Q1 2019 among 17 Customer Communication Management providers.

In addition to identifying CCM providers, Forrester’s Now Tech report analyzes and describes the new development prospects for CCM in 2019.

“For years, CCM has managed service communications between companies and customers, delivering correspondence and recurring statements based on data stored in systems of record.”  Source: Now Tech: Customer Communications Management, Q1 2019 report.

CCM platforms such as the Doxee Platform can be effectively used to improve the adoption of digital communications with total or partial elimination of paper communications. The CCM can help the transition to digital through the availability of easy-to-use tools to create instructions, interactive communications, or welcome kits to improve the customer experience.

In fact, the integration of CCM systems with Marketing Automation and Digital Experience Delivery platforms offers Marketing departments new, more engaging and effective communication tools thanks to the use of content personalization technologies that are able to support each stage of the customer journey.

The Forrester report provides the fundamental tools for selecting a CCM provider, highlighting the benefits of choosing from a diverse set of vendors.

In this context, Doxee is proud to have been identified in Forrester’s Now Tech report as a CCM provider who can help clients improve their customer experience.

Read the report to learn more.


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