Doxee today announced that it has been included in the 2020 Aspire Leaderboard for CCM. This is the third consecutive year that Doxee has been included in the Leaderboard by Aspire, a consulting firm specializing in Customer Communications Management and Digital Customer Experience. 

Aspire defines Doxee’s offering as an excellent choice for companies looking for a scalable, cloud-based CCM platform capable of ensuring end-to-end management of communication and customer relationship processes. Aspire also recognizes Doxee for the implementation of emerging AI and Machine Learning technologies to dynamically generate and orchestrate highly engaging communication experiences and mission-critical processes, such as those related to billing and e-procurement. 

Doxee was one of the first CCM providers in Europe to go to market with a full cloud solution and comes with a well-thought through architecture,” says Kaspar Roos, Founder & CEO of Aspire. “Beyond its CCM and digital experience technology capabilities, Doxee has been certified as PEPPOL Access Point Provider, making it a legally accepted e-procurement and e-invoicing provider in the Italian market. This is an area of high growth for them and could set them up for further European expansion.

The Aspire Leaderboard 2020 is an online tool that ranks vendor solutions for Communication Composition, Business Automation, Omni-channel orchestration, and Enterprise Communications Processing, allowing customers to dynamically assess providers according to their capabilities and vision. 

According to Aspire, Doxee is considered one of the most technologically advanced CCM providers globally, with longstanding expertise working with some of the largest European companies, especially those in the Banking, Utility, and Telco sectors. 

The Doxee Platform™ is natively based on a highly scalable cloud architecture capable of supporting roll-out at a global level while significantly reducing time to market. The Doxee Platform™ is the delivery platform for the three Doxee product lines that allow interactivity and personalization and, thanks to native integration, offers products capable of fully managing customers’ mission-critical processes for transactions and payments, and those for communication and customer journey management. The products in the Interactive Experience line allow the creation of personalized videos and dynamic websites suitable for a wide range of use cases aimed at improving the user experience by offering digital and personalized touchpoint management.

Doxee’s certification and accreditation with the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (AgID) enhance its offer dedicated to the dematerialization and simplification of electronic invoicing, digital storage, and e-procurement processes, and it further guarantees customers reliability and compliance with Italian and European tax and document regulations.

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