Doxee has been positioned as a Strong Contender in the 2023 SPARK Matrix™ for Accounts Receivable Applications.

The SPARK Matrix™ for Accounts Receivable Applications by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, a global advisory and consulting firm, identified the most technologically advanced global solution providers through an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape of the global e-invoicing application market.

The research by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions argues that the growing demand for digital transformation across industries and the need for companies to simplify financial processes will drive the growth of the e-invoicing application market.

According to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “Doxee offers solutions that streamline financial processes and document management. Their platform leverages advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and automation, to streamline invoice generation, document delivery, and payment processing. Doxee enables companies to improve their accounts receivable operations and enhance overall financial efficiency.”

Doxee technology supports companies in their digitization and dematerialization processes by offering products that comply with Italian and European standards and are strongly customer-oriented to support improving the customer experience and more effective customer communications. In this area, Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb® technologies support the debt reminder and collection process with the ability to create personalized videos based on customer characteristics. This helps increase the rate of customer engagement and the number of customers who finalize payment after watching the videos.

Enrico Celotto, Group CMO of Doxee, commented, “We are proud to have been recognized by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions as one of the top international vendors of technology that is dedicated to supporting companies in their digitization journey. This is an important recognition that once again confirms how the technology investments we make each year allow us to enrich our strategic technology, the Doxee Platform, with new features that enable end-to-end process management for electronic invoicing, while offering a unique user experience that is definitely a winner in terms of customer experience.

The management of credit collection processes, which are particularly burdensome for companies, is also a use case that is supported by Doxee’s technology, which integrates its Electronic Registered Delivery product for sending traceable and legally valid communications and for generating proof of sending and receiving messages. This supports companies in their credit collection processes by maximizing the effectiveness of their end-customer communications and increasing the open rate while reducing the burden associated with sending paper documentation.


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