Electronic Registered Delivery

Doxee’s Registered Electronic Delivery product enables the electronic transmission of data between third parties, ensures the traceability of communication between sender and recipient, and provides evidence of the sending and the receiving of data.

Electronic Registered Delivery

Electronic Registered Delivery

The Electronic Registered Delivery product documents the receiving of a message and provides proof of its delivery. 

Electronic Registered Delivery encompasses a range of different delivery solutions that can ensure the production of documentary evidence in electronic format, verifying the sending and delivery of data. For years, several organizations have been using such services to manage communications with their end customers in a way that is simple, immediate, cost-effective, and more efficient than traditional paper channels. 

Doxee’s Electronic Registered Delivery solutions meet the requirements defined by EU Regulation No. 910/2014 (eIDAS), as they are delivered through a Qualified Trust Service Provider. Therefore, communications made through Electronic Registered Delivery constitute valid evidence that can also be used in case of litigation. These solutions represent a useful tool for achieving full traceability of communications and notifications sent to multiple recipients, obtaining certainty of receipt (and reading) by the recipient, unlike ordinary email or a simple SMS. Doxee Electronic Registered Delivery makes your ordinary communications secure and reliable and increases their legal value. 

Registered e-Mail

Registered e-Mail provides proof of message content, the exact time the email is sent to the recipient’s inbox, and the time it is received. Registered e-Mail is used like any other email solution, but it’s an easy way to elevate the legal value and traceability of your communications.

Registered SMS

Registered SMS provides evidence of the message content, the exact time the SMS is sent to the user’s phone, and the time it is received. Message recipients will receive certified communications through a familiar, simple, and immediate way. You can count on full traceability of events and get proof of delivery and receiving of the message.


eDelivery makes it possible to certify the delivery and opening of documents by issuing documentary evidence. The recipient receives a registered e-Mail or text message containing a link to access the documents intended for them. This step makes it possible to collect and track the recipient’s intention to access the documents intended for him or her through the customized link. As the sender, you will receive documentary evidence that is enforceable against third parties, certifying that the document has been sent, received, and opened, along with the date and time they are verified. 

High product customization ensures a high-level customer experience in order to incentivize open and click-through rates. 

Monitoring and Analytics

Electronic Registered Delivery has tools that can fully monitor the processes of managing sending and receiving outcomes. With the included monitoring systems, the customer can constantly monitor the situation and handle any abnormal outcomes very quickly. 

Easy integration

Electronic Registered Delivery can be easily integrated with core systems already in use, enabling the sending of communications to one or more recipients. 

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